Marble Cake.

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Today didn't go as planned but I made to turn it around towards the end of the day. This morning I should have gone to the stables to help muck out and do things like this! However at 6:30 this morning I asked my mum to text Fiona because I had got really bad stomach aches, when I stood up I felt dizzy, I was too hot and feeling sick. So my mum told me to go back to sleep and hopefully I'd sleep it off, but when I woke up again I still felt awful. I don't know whether it's a bug or I did to much in my garden yesterday. 

So i spent most of the afternoon taking it easy, my dad had to have a diabetic eye check up at the hospital that he has once or twice a year. So I went to keep my mum company while we waited for my dad to come out. When we got in I started looking up recipes for how to make a marble cake. All the ones that I could find online where Chocolate and Vanilla, I'm not to big a vanilla fan so instead I looked at to recipes that my mum had got one was for a Madeira cake and the other was for a chocolate cake. I then set to work to make both of the recipes in two separate bowls. 

Chocolate cake mixture and madeira mixture.
When I had got this I then went on to mixing them together in the cake tin. Neither my mum or I had made this type of cake before and I decided I wanted to based on pictures and a friend thats mum makes it. It looks so nice and I've always wondered how you made it. Then going up in layers you spooned the mixtures in alternating between the madeira and the chocolate mixture. 

The mixture spooned in to the cake tin, the only problem we had was the chocolate cake is more of a runny mixture than the madeira cake this is something that I need to work on next time! 
When we had done this the next job was to give it the marble effect that it is well known for mum helped me to use a chopstick to get the effect. I started in the middle and spiralled out mixing it all together, the finish look before putting it in the oven was quite effective. 

This is what it looked like before it went in to the oven you can kind of see why it is called a marble cake by the effect that it makes and has.
It was in the oven for roughly an hour and ten minutes, we used a metal stick thing (not sure of its proper name) to make sure that it had cooked all the way through as we wouldn't want to be eating something that hadn't cooked all the way through, because it was two recipes we didn't know how long it was going to take to cook because they didn't have the same time so that was something that was a bit of an experiment. But we will know for next time. Below are two pictures of the finished product one's the outside and one's what it looks like inside when it has been cut open. Sounds mad but I was so excited to see what it looked like on the inside.

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