Clipping Angel

This is a quick post of something that I thought would make you all laugh. As you will all know we have a Shih Tzu puppy called Angel, we inherited her from my sister who didn't have the time to give Angel the attention she deserved, so while we never planned on having a Shih Tzu we did get one! 

Shih Tzu's come with two different types of coats matt haired and silky haired. Here comes the difference with Angel, Angel has both meaning that she knots easily and quickly. When we first got her we tried taking her to a dog groomer, but she had a bad experience there and ever since that has hated being bathed, clipped or brushed meaning that trying to keep her knot free is hard work! 

Recently my mum bought a new pair of clippers, in the morning she clipped the majority of Angel but was struggling with her ears, so left her alone for it then we came back to ear later. Because of Angel having two coat types it means that her ears get matted easily basically turning them in to felt! We've always tried to stop this happening for her but no matter what you do, we can't stop it and trimming it we didn't like doing cause we couldn't see where her ears ended! However when my mum got her new clippers it told you how to trim ears that had this problem, so on monday evening we set about doing her ears and the only way we could do it was through bribery. While mum was clipping her I sat on the floor feeding her small amounts of chicken when she was being good, this kept her sitting still and behaving well. We managed to get all her ears done and trimmed! Even if it did take a whole box of chicken!! Hopefully next time we do it we will be able to use the same process but less chicken! 

A clipped Angel, we did this on Monday and she's still not talking to me unless food is around! Such a strange little dog but we love her all the same! 

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