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Wednesday, 24 July 2013
So the other day I saw someone who did a post like this and thought why not, I might as well do one, even if I can't afford it I can still day dream, right? 

My dream barn would be open and spacious, I love the wood look and how natural it appears to be but can also look really fancy/sophisticated. I also like the idea of the stables being in a U shape with doors and windows facing inwards so all the horses can see each other. I love the stable image above, I love how lit up they are the wooden look to them and the way the stable doors are. I'd also like it so that some of the stables had runs going out the back so that the horse could choose whether to be inside or outside. I also really like how the bottom of the stable walls are a stone wall. 

If the stalls were inside I'd love them to look like this, I again love the wood look but I also really like how open everything is. I like how everyone can see everything and how it has the chance for the horses to go outside. I love how light and bright it is. Even on the U shape stall idea that I love I'd love it to have doors like this, obviously not the walling because it provides no protection from weather conditions but I love the doors. 

I would want this riding school, it's an outdoor arena that can fit three dressage test school areas in at once, it can be used for jumping and dressage, has judging boxes around the arena so that you can hold competitions, it has enough room to be used as a good show jumping course, but it doesn't provide much shelter from the weather and living in the UK this is important but for the nice sunny summer days and evenings this would be perfect. 

This would be my ideal indoor school, it's open, it's bright, has good lighting, is spacious and continues with the wood effect that is running entirely through my barn. I love that it has a viewing area for family members or new livery horse owners and potential riders to be able to come and watch, I just love everything about this indoor school. It would be perfect for chilly spring mornings and cold winter nights. If only I had unlimited money ! 

I love this tack room, obviously things would need to be lower to the ground as I am small but I like that it's an open area. It's an area that you could chill out and talk while cleaning tack or have a cup of tea after a lesson or good ride. It's open and it's light and it continues with my wood theme. I like that the central area is the main area to chill in and have fun. It might be smaller than this and more square but it would still be open. 

Another view of the stables, these would definitely be my dream stables! I also like how in the distance you can see the house, so even if it's not you that lives there, their is someone that is always on the yard near the horses so that if anything does happen you can get there quickly and sort it, I like how the house is quite light and open as well. These features are definitely the key features to my dream stables. 

Obviously I've missed things like the feed room and hay barn but that's because at the minute I don't know what I want them to look like these images are the main things that come to mind when I think of my dream barn, they may not be to everyones liking but to me they are perfect. I'd also want lots of areas to be able to sit and talk or to just chill out and watch the horses out in the fields so that it's like a big family. Because I think a good atmosphere and good relationships with people at the barn is one of the most important things. 

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A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Dom said...:

    I need to do this post too. My dream barn would look so different from all the ones I see from everyone else. Small... 4-6 stalls... more concern with the pastures and run-ins and arenas than the barn itself. Hehe.

  1. Story said...:

    Those are nicer than some of the nicest homes I've seen! Admittedly, though, all I could think was how much work it would be to keep them looking so elegant. I'd cry every time a horse pooped in the aisle lol.

  1. Wolfie said...:

    Wow. I would be tempted to move in with the horses! Gorgeous.

  1. I'd want to live in the stables but if there was a house to match ;) I just love the wood theme, if money wasn't an issue I would love to do this. but I love my stables because of the friendships and relationships

  1. Karley said...:

    omg... i want to move there!!!

  1. thanks guys its my idea of heaven!

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