Pony Club - Points of the Horse Badge Passed!

Today was the second badge testing evening at Pony Club, we were doing the points of the horse and I was more nervous about doing this badge than the grooming and handling badge. I know the grooming things, the points of the horse I wasn't so sure about. 

I had a practice before and then went to doing the test with Gatsby. To start with I said all of the points of the horse that I knew, then Elaine asked me the ones I hadn't said and I had to say where they were on the horse. I got all of them except three and the ones that I didn't get Elaine didn't know either, so that was comforting to know. 

When we had finished that Fiona told us that we were not going to know whether we had passed or not  until the end. We decided that we were going to work on doing plaiting and also how to put on bandages. This is something that I have always found difficult but I only got one attempt at three years ago so I was looking forward to trying to do it again. The great thing was I found it so much easier this time, it just kind of made sense, I really enjoyed it, Maisie and I got to work on Gatsby so that was cool, I enjoyed working with her and chatting with her as she seems to be such a sweet and genuine girl and I like that.  We were supposed to get around to doing some plaiting but we never did. We then got to pick names out of a hat for the horse that we would put to bed and I got Hazel. Fiona and Elaine hadn't got around to mixing the feed so they quickly did that and then I got to feed Fussy, Hazel and Rosie. When I had put their feed in I then quickly pulled Hazels bedding down, put her hay net up and checked the water. Hazel's a horse that I've never worked with before but I liked working with her, she's an old mare but is sweet and seems to have a nice personality. 

We also found out that WE ALL PASSED the points of the horse badge. We've got so many things that we are planning to do through pony club and I can't wait to do all of them. We are going to be doing a fundraising badge which will be cool, we might be doing things like cake stalls, car washes and pony rides for that. I can't wait to start getting ideas and doing new things! 

On Wednesday and Friday I am going up to the Stables to do some volunteer work as I love helping out up there, it's fun and there's always something different going on. For example today Fiona was rescuing Tickles out of the tree, Tickles and Tabby had gone up the tree and Tabby figured out how to get down but Tickles couldn't figure it out! 

Here are some pictures of my bandage work let me know what you all think. 

My bandaging is the black one on the right. Maisie did the orange/red bandage on the left. 
Another of the bandage that I did on the right. Rather happy with it for the first attempt in three years! 

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