Thunder and Lightening

Today and last night we have had heavy rain, thunder and lightening. This is something that we tend to not get very often but has been needed for a few weeks as it's been a heavy, suffocating atmosphere. So after the storm we expected to have a nicer atmosphere but it's not changed it's still the same as it has been for the past few weeks. 

This morning I had a driving lesson with my new teacher we worked on reversing around corners and doing turns in the road (there not allowed to be called three point turns because if you need to do it in more than three turns then that is okay). I have also got my driving test booked for Friday the 6th of September! I can't wait, tomorrow I will hopefully find out how my car is doing as it is needing even more new parts! Frustrating. After my driving lesson we took my dad to the hospital for him to have the x-rays that he needed doing and blood tests. 

I then had a nap this afternoon as I have not been sleeping very well and had an early start this morning. Tomorrow I have another early start as I am going up to my stables to help out, I'm hoping there will be no thunder and lightening but if it happens then it happens. 

Then when I have finished there I have got to go straight to my physio appointment basically the joint at the back of my hip (see diagram below) has raised slightly, at the moment we are not sure which one it is that has raised, as both have been painful and sitting in a saddle at different point it swaps which way I was tipping. To sort this out I have been loaned a belt, this belt basically puts in the joints in the right place and it amazed me how much it managed to alter my riding position and how Gatsby moved, that's also why I hopped on Rascal to see if I still tipped one way. 

Where the purple arrows are on this diagram shows you the place where it appears that I am slightly out of place, hopefully tomorrow I will get more of an explanation as to whats going on but only time will tell. I have to wear a belt that holds these joints in place the majority of the time! 
I thought I wold finish on a good note these are the pictures we took last week and this week of our first badge evenings! The first one was the grooming badge one and the second was the points of the horse.

Left to right - Grace, Ann, Bronte, Maizie, Rocky (this horse features in all of our pictures so far), Amber (ME), Mollie and Mollie, 

Left to right - Ann, Mollie (black and pink hat), Grace (pink jumper), Mollie, Maizie, Rocky and finally Amber (ME).
I love all the photo's that we are getting as I am currently starting to build up a scrapbook of my riding experiences starting this summer. It's going to include photo's, score sheets, things that I've done e.g. the BYRDS Competition and everything else that's horse related, I might even put sketches and drawings in that I do. 

That's all for now. 
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