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I got up earlier than I would normally do on a Sunday so that I could get some work done for a couple of my university modules. Some of them are just sticking in photographs and others take a bit longer as they are looking at other peoples work seeing what I like or don't like and then seeing how I can apply it to my own work. Then I also have to do a fair bit of drawing for my course because its a foundation year in Art and Design. My favourite module so far is my Thursday all day because this is where we look more in detail at photography and photoshop. 

That's pretty much all that I've done today. I still can't really take in that I got to ride Vettie yesterday he was lovely to ride and he really highlights in my position where I need to work on more. I'm looking forward to riding him again, I also can't wait for pony club on Monday and for some Gatsby time! 

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