Getting started on Module one and grid work and poles rally.

Today was my first actual day of doing something productive for our course. The theme of our first module is looking at the body. This is such a broad subject but a subject that I am looking forward to because pretty much anything will fit in with it. The things about this subject that I found the most interesting are 'manipulation of the human body' because this allows me to explore the use of corsets, the use of piercings and tattoos. This second idea that I had was looking at how people hide their body away because it's not the typical size 8 body along with many other things e.g. because they don't like a particular part of the body. I've already done the first page of my journal, made a good start on the first page of my sketchbook. I am going to be keeping an up to date diary of what I do when for my course. The second idea is the idea that I looked at first so I'm looking at the use of masquerade masks as I think they're really pretty. 

We also got given the first two sketchbooks that we would need and then an A1 portfolio for other parts of the work that we do. I love that the majority of the work we do, change that, all the work we do is coursework we don't have any exams and this is great because I am useless at exams. Tomorrow we start the second of the modules that we do and on Thursday I think we start the third module for this term.

This evening was pony club and it was the poles and grid work rally, we didn't do any jumping because of the group and the varying ages and levels of riding. I got to ride Gatsby although he has pulled a shoe and is close to pulling a second one but he is in no pain and he wasn't trotting up lame in the soft footing of the school so that was great and meant that I could still ride him, we even got some nice outline work. We set out three sets of three trot poles around the arena and two poles on their own in a corner. We stuck to doing walk and trot and Gatsby and I go to be the leader of the group ride which was good because it made me think more about my pace and not going to fast or to slow. We then at the end got to see Fiona Riding Vettie she showed us flying changes and extended trot and I loved watching it. It also made me awestruck at how effective and subtle her aids are. I hope that one day I can ride like that and maybe one day I will do. Pony Club finished at 6:30 but I stayed there until about 7:15ish helping to put the horses to bed and feed them because we ran out of time to do that at pony club. I love my horse time and it was a great end to what started out as a rather hectic day. 

Tomorrow's post is going to be mainly picture based showing photographs from my riding lesson on Saturday and also my trip out with my mum on her birthday yesterday. Once again please feel free to let me know what you think of my photographs when I put them up tomorrow.  

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  1. Sounds nice to wind down for the day with horses. I'm sure if you just keep riding, you'll someday be as good as Fiona.

  2. Thank you hun i love my riding and will always keep riding, I'll get to where I want to be one day :)


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