just a quick post from me and thank you!

I'm feeling really tired so todays post isn't going to be very long! I want to thank everybody for their comments on my previous post about my competition entry, keep your opinions coming and also any constructive opinions (e.g. needing to edit photos) are welcome. 

Today I did the last part of my enrolment for the technology hire shop, meaning I can now borrow lenses, tripod's flashes etc. When we had finished doing that I just chilled out for a couple of hours and then it was time to go to Nottingham for Ice Skating. It was so much fun, I ached by the end but I did have a really good time and I am so glad that I did go. I think I'd like to start Ice Skating more often maybe once a month or something like that. It was a great opportunity to build up people's confidence but also to talk to people that you wouldn't normally talk to. 

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