So today I got a nice surprise when I got to my stables it turned out I would be having a change of horse for the lesson this week and I was privileged enough to be able to ride Vettie. For those of you that don't know Vettie is Fiona's horse that she competes to a really high level. The minute I sat on him I found that I did really like him, he made me feel confident and he didn't make my back hurt. His saddle put me in exactly the right place and as soon as I started moving with him I could feel my hips instinctively swinging with the movement of his body. Steph taught Alice and JaimieLeigh  while Fiona helped me to get used to him. His trot was amazing! He has such a big bouncy stride but I found that I didn't struggle to rise with it, I even got him in a nice outline for quite a while which felt amazing! I really did enjoy riding him and look forward to riding him again one day. We worked on doing some leg yield which went awfully for me but made Vettie drop in to an outline easier. It was so good! I also discovered that I can ride him in an outline more than I thought that I would be able to. I loved the fact that I could get on a different horse and still be able to ride! Gatsby will always be my favourite horse but I know he's not going to be able to teach me some of the things that Vettie can do and for that reason I am so lucky/grateful and thankful that I can ride Vettie! 

In other news, I had some more sad news today on Tuesday Dixie the Shetland Pony past away, Rocky has been finding this harder to deal with because he's never had to be on his own and now he does. Rango Tango has also left as he started throwing in bucks and mini rears so he's gone back to his previous home. Dash also won't be staying for long because he has become quiet bolshy and strong. Which caused a few problems today. 

I love the smile on my face in this photo. I was really looking forward to riding Vettie as I know that he is an amazing mover, he didn't let me down and I know we are going to have some good rides. 

Just look at my position in this photograph! WORLD'S BEST SADDLE! So comfy and also gives me an instant good position. 

I also love this photograph I love how Vettie looks in it. 

I really really like my position in this photograph as well.  I know there are still things that I need to work on but I am slowly but surely getting there and that is one of the best feelings for me. 
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  1. that saddle makes me want to try dressage, looks super comfy. Glad you had a good ride.

  2. That's so cool! He looks like a really nice horse–a good mover, too.

  3. It was great I really enjoyed it was nice to sit on something different with a higher level of training :)


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