A surprise visit from my little man!

Today has been an interesting but long day. This morning we were supposed to be doing group seminars, however there was on one of our lecturers in so they were not able to get around the whole group. So I did another page in my sketch book, tomorrow I plan on doing two or three pages in my other sketch book. I was looking at eyes this time. 

Then during my lunch break I came home and was surprised by the fact that my sister had come over, this of course meant lots of photographs of my baby nephew! He's growing so quickly it doesn't seem like almost two years since he was born. We played on my drum kit, looked at my brothers bike and cuddled lots of cute teddy bears. We tried to teach him some of the colours off something that my mum had and of course we got to eat cake (carrot cake). Although he refused to it until I tried some so I ate some even though I hate carrot cake!  

Then it was time to go back to Uni and we had a life drawing class. Everyone found it incredibly awkward to start with, it's not every day a naked lady poses and you draw them! But I really enjoyed it I learnt how to draw people which is something that I never thought that I would be able to do. I found once I started looking at the basic shapes that make up a person I found that it went really well, not at all what I expected. I might even post some pictures of it tomorrow although I will warn you they are not very good! 

Now on to some photographs that I have taken of Brody :) 

Erm why are you pointing that camera at me? He looks so much older, kids grow so fast, you can even see 'bear' in the background. 

'ohhh Gran Gran brought me a car/truck'. He was so excited by it, he's such a lovely little fella. 

He's got such a sweet angelic face, he looks so cute! He's always so fun to photograph I think he's really photogenic. 

He got really excited about my camera, he always likes to try and figure out how it works.  
Brody's photo of his mum! My sister would probably kill me if she knew I'd put this photo on but Brody took it and I think that it's a good photo. A look of pure concentration. 

Mummy and Baby you can see how much they love each other, he is definitely a mummy's boy. 

Not the best quality photograph but Brody with the 'bears' as you can probably tell he likes the bears!   
He is fascinated by my brothers new motor bike, when we tried to take him away from it he threw a fit. 

Love seeing this look on his face, my sister put him on my brothers motor bike and he put his hands straight on the handle bars and then got all excited! Whats better than a motor bike for a little boy? 

It makes me laugh how big he makes the bike look (I mean it's big to start with but it looks massive). I can see someone having a liking for bikes in the future after all he already likes cars. 
By the way, I've set up a tumblr account that will run along with this blog. It's going to be for when I have spare time and just posting photo's on it of all sorts, of course the photo's will still be on here to but feel free to check it out. Here's the web address - www.thewaytoheavenisonhorseback.tumblr.com 


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