Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Another Uni Day.

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It's odd to think that I've been at Uni for a month now, I've slipped really easily in to the swing of things and am really enjoying it, not only have I done things that I've not done before (Lino Prints), I have also met new people. I feel like I'm starting to enjoy doing art again and where as before my mind had a mental block on art ideas I now can think of plenty.

This morning I had off and then I had a lecture in the afternoon. This morning I spent some time getting work done, I had a lie in first though! We got given a 'homework' last week for our visual technologies where we had to use collage. This was the only thing that we got told the rest of it was down to us, we could be as creative as we wanted. So with the help of my mum and the cricut cutting machine, I made a collage that had a series of layers. I used two photos and got two different designs while cutting. The idea was that for each photo there would be one that had the layers building up and getting smaller as they got higher and the other did the opposite. I think that it worked quite effectively, once I figured out how to do it with the 3D foam tape. 

I can't really describe it but heres a picture of it! I just to use animals as the area that we were cutting away because the photo's themselves show a change in the time of the year and of course I'm interested in animal photographs so I wanted to link the two. 
Then this afternoon we had a lecture with a guy called John Hilliard. He was really interesting, he's a contemporary photographer and a lot of his work uses the idea of multiple exposures. Whether it be with two, three or four images. This is something that I am really interested in and would like to explore in the future! Other pieces of his work just looked at different aperture, focus point, exposure and lens shutter speeds. The work that he showed us I enjoyed but I found it interesting that all of it was done using an analog camera. However some of his work he wants to be quite confrontational and to provoke an emotion, I noticed this more so in the Q&A interview than when he was speaking freely about his work. 

This evening I have done some more sketches towards my photography module. I will upload them tomorrow, I've used sketches to look at different types of composition. 

Tomorrow I have my photography module either all day or part of the day. 

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