feeling refreshed

After catching up on some much needed sleep (I slept from 7pm til 10am). I was up and feeling much better and more awake this morning. I got up in time to go and help my mum and Uncle doing the food shopping, as I know both their backs have been aching recently! Neither are feeling 100%. When we got home I decided that I was going to get some work done I got six pages done (3 in Visual Tech Sketchbook, 2 in Creative skills and 1 in Visual Studies sketch book). I felt like I'd really accomplished something and if I wake up in the morning I want to get another page done before I go to the stables. 

Then this evening I went to my youth group which was fairly uneventful up until the end where two of the lads (also one of them a good mate, and another a mate I know fairly well) managed to fall out. Not only that but Evie and I then went to the pub with them and the awkwardness continued. It wasn't the best end to the night but it was a good way to wind down. Now to take more photographs tomorrow and time to get some sleep! 

More photographs to come tomorrow also I'll share with you some of my Uni work. 

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