Lino Prints and bright hair colours.

So today was my day at university where I have two different modules in one day, busy but fun. The first one is the creative skills one, with this one we got to see the previous years sketch books as well as more advanced sketch books. After we had done this we had a short break and then roughly an hour until our lunch time so I did some photo shop work changing the colours of my hair. My main theme for the project is masks but I also want to incorporate the use of bright colours as well as possibly the use of black and white. 

I'd love my hair this colour! It's like a cherry pinky red colour! 

Not so sure about this colour but it did the job! 
I also quite like this colour for the photo but there is no way that I would ever do it that colour! 
 Then it was lunch time and Charmaine and I went for lunch at McDonalds. McChicken Sandwich what more can I say, love that stuff! Then we went to Hobby Craft I needed to pick up some things for this afternoon but it was also nice to just have a look and see what they had got in. Compared to the last time that I went they had got more things in. 

Then this afternoon we did some Lino Prints, I didn't find them that hard to do but I think that it helped that I did Collograph Prints for my Art GCSE and the two processes are fairly similar. So it was interesting to do we did the majority in black and building up the prints by printing it once and then cutting away some more and the process just kind of kept repeating it. We also got to use purple ink and got showed how we could use gradient inks (two inks rolled together) so if we want to do this again in the future we are able to do it. 

This evening I've done a bit more work and also started the process of backing up all my photographs. I have a lot of photos on my mac, and while I have them copied on to CD's my mac doesn't have a CD Drive, so they're fine for being used on other computers just not mine. Then mum found this usb memory stick called a picture viewer! They come in four different sizes and can store up to 4,000, 8000, 16,000 and 250,000 photographs depending on what megapixel your camera is. I bought the 8,000 and because my photo's are done in a higher quality (more megapixels) I was only able to put roughly 3,000 photos on to it instead of 8,000. So I've now bought the 16,000 one that should finish of transferring my photos. The best part about it is that as long as I take the usb stick with me wherever I go and if there is a computer, I can plug it in and be able to see all my photos. It's small and easy to carry. 

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  1. That's cool that all your photos are now on a usb stick! I love the colors you did with you hair. They look nice!

  2. Thank you! I know it's great means I can open photos where ever I am without having to carry my mac around xx


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