Module 3 - Equine photography

Thursday is soon becoming my favourite day of the week as this is the day that we really focus on photography. In the morning we started off by looking at the Photoshop Basics, by this I mean how to zoom in and out, how to select colour. The use of the lasso tool and how to move things around. How to open multiple windows in photoshop and things like this. As this was something that I already knew how to do, I was told that I could work on experimenting with photographs that I had got off tumblr. The whole theme for this module is the idea of movement, I loved how in the photograph I chose you could see the pure power of the horse. So I blurred the background drawing all the attention to the horse, I then duplicated the horse moving it around on the photo to give the idea of movement as well as adding a movement blur. 

First of all I left the image in colour. But I didn't feel that it was dramatic enough, I felt like something needed changing 

So then I moved on to using Black and White, I used a Gradient Map to give it a more dramatic and depth filled black and white effect. I think that it worked really well, while it's a little bit abstract I think that it looks good. 
In the afternoon we had to meet up in small groups to show other people what our idea was and how we could change and develop them. I showed people some of my ideas and they said which photographs they liked and why they liked them. I found that this was really helpful and it was something that I would like to do more of in the future. I like how different people see different things in our work. 

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