Printing and Developing

Today has been a fairly productive day, this morning I went in to University to get some work done, I wanted to do some printing today and was surprised by how well it went. I didn't stay in for that long because I thought my sister was coming over and also because there was a group that was due to be using the darkroom. I was able to get in there for about an hour though. 

A film that I developed earlier in the week. I was so pleased with how these turned out.
When I got home I waited until the images were fully dry and then stuck them in my visual technologies book, tomorrow I need to do some writing to go along with the images. I also plan to do some more developing later on in the week or next week. 

Film on the roll, before it had even dried. It was such a pretty colour! 
This evening I went to my youth groups film night and we watched The Hunger Games. Now this series of films never did appeal to me and today I decided that while I probably won't watch the films I might possibly read the books. I think the story lines good and I like the idea I just don't like how it was done for the films. 

Plaits that I did during Pony Club on Monday. 

Tomorrow's my own a pony day and then possibly going out in the evening. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Neat braids! The Hunger Games books are way better than the movie is. I read them earlier this year and loved them.

  2. Thanks guys I'm not very good at braiding but think I'm getting better


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