Ready for sleep.

Today has been a good day, I planned to do some work but I didn't get around to doing any, this morning I could have had a lie in but chose to get up early, I then spent some time doing some reading on my laptop and chilling watching T.V. with my mum and dad. Then we went to do the weekly food shopping. 

This afternoon I made a new purchase for my winter wardrobe, here in the UK they've given out warnings for heavy snow to hit us november, which ISN'T good for the riding but I suppose has to happen at some point or another. They've also given out lots of rainy weather, and as I got soaked last saturday I decided it was time to invest in a pair of new warm riding boots. They were Harry Hall riding boots and I'll post a picture of them tomorrow, as well as at some point doing a review. So far they've been both warm and comfy to wear. 

This Evening I went with my uncle to the theatre to see the Witches of Eastwick. It was a really good play, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My uncle told me that it started as a novel so I think that's a book that I am going to have to invest in! The actors seemed to fit perfectly with the characters. It was also really busy as a lot of people who knew the cast were there. There was a guy in it and I'm not joking he could walk better in heels than most girls and dance better! It was so funny! Then when we got back from the theatre a couple of my friends text me asking if I was going to the pub with them. They were already there and seen as I hadn't been able to go to massive I said that I'd catch up with them, which was nice. I didn't stay for long maybe half an hour? Then I drove spencer and his brother home because it was raining and then came home myself. 

Now to get some sleep so I'm ready for the stables tomorrow! 

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