Back on Gatsby

Today has been a really good day. I absolutely loved my ride. It's been a quite a while since I've done any canter work and today after watching one of the other girls lessons I felt the need to do some canter work. 

I was back on Gatsby which I really enjoyed. I was looking forward to my ride but at the start I wasn't 100% sure how it was going to go. We spent the first part of the lesson working on the outline. I found that he was dropping a lot easier in to an outline but I think that I was over thinking it a bit to much. I didn't get it 100% but I was happy with where we left it off. I found that he was really locking his neck in place so I was having to be really firm with him to get him to flex. 

When we moved on to the canter work Fiona asked me if I was feeling nervous which I said that honestly yes I was. I think in my mind I thought because I hadn't done any canter work in a while I would still be cantering how I used to be which wasn't great but it was there, I was so surprised that  I had a strong still position. I could ask him to canter and he would canter straight away. We were doing full laps of the school without me having to work as hard as I used to. It went so well when I was going to the left when I swapped reins and I went to the right. My shoulder collapsed and I couldn't canter which is odd because it used to be my strongest rein. One day I will get there again and have a strong canter on both reins. I was just so happy with the work that I did do. 

I then cooled him down and talked to Fiona about how it felt. In my opinion all the work and trot work, the no stirrup work, everything like that is paying off and I'm starting to become the rider I want to be and the rider that Fiona knows I can be. 

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