Jumping Gatsby 18/11/13

So today I had my half an hour private lesson on Gatsby. Fiona said that I could do some jumping with him and I was really excited. It's been a long time since I've put jumping and enjoyment in the same place. It was nice that it was only half an hour because it meant that I don't get tired easily. We started off doing lots of walk, trot transitions and keeping a nice rhythm. 

I then put my stirrups up and did some work going over the poles. When we started jumping we started off with a reasonable sized cross. Gatsby and I had a really nice rhythm so we quickly moved it up to a straight across. We were starting coming up to the jump in trot but Gatsby got excitable and we ended up going over it in canter once two. Fiona said I looked more confident and a lot stronger in my position which was really nice to here. We went over the jump a couple more times all though this time we trotted up to the jump,went over it then cantered up to the long side. Then before we went up to the jump I would bring him back to trot. It was nice work and I did really enjoy doing it.

It's something that I will be doing more of in the future! 
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