I'm back for good!

Apologies for it being a while guys but I am now back and fully updating again! I've missed writing a blog and getting to know about all your lives to. So I am back and will be posting everyday no matter how short the post is. As quite a lot is going on I'm going to use bullet points to highlight the main things that are going on in both my personal life and my riding life so here goes guys enjoy :). Lots of pictures too! 

  • Well the most recent update in my riding Career is that I fell off Gatsby. Yep you read that right after 3-4 years of riding the wonderful Gatsby I finally came off him. We got a bit over excited coming up to a jump and he over jumped it and took off way to early. Because of this I lost my balance (so it wasn't his fault) and ended up landing on the floor but hey at least it was dry! 
  • I've started doing a lot more work with out stirrups, it took me a big leap of faith and of course riding Gatsby to be able to get the courage to be able to canter without stirrups. The amount of trust that I have in that horse is unreal and even after the fall I am still looking forward to riding him.
  • I've started riding Vettie more including riding him in a dressage competition that we came in fourth place in (out of 9) so i'm just happy to not be last.  I need to remember though that I can ride and that I am to keep smiling and stay calm. 
  • I now occasionally ride a horse called Leo, Kelly's new horse as unfortunately Rascal had to be put down. While we are on sad news Hazel and Tom have also been put to sleep so it's been a rough few months at the stables. 
Now on to personal life: 
  • I've almost finished my first year at University, which is really weird to think about but at the same time also really exciting because it means that I am a step closer to doing what I want to do 
  • I am still dating Jack, things aren't always easy with court dates and what is coming up but we are making it work and to me that's what's important. We have our fair share of arguments but we know how to work things out in the end. 
  •  Totally random but I bought myself a Pandora Charm Bracelet for my 19th Birthday, boy do I feel old saying that. Aha, the weird things that I think. 
  • Oh and finally I got a new car, I was having to many problems on my little green mini so I am now the proud owner of a nightfire red mini with racing stripes on it.  

But to be honest that's all that is really going on at the minute. My life is pretty uneventful but I promise you guys I am going to be back to religiously updating my posts again as I have really missed blogging. Oh and the fact I have MILLIONS of pictures to share with you guys.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream


  1. Glad you are back! I actually fell off the lesson horse, GInger, when she bucked about a month ago.

  2. Glad you are back, life gets busier the older you get (til retirement lol).

  3. Hiya guys, I have really missed blogging! i don't get where all the hours in the day seem to go!

  4. Glad you're back!! If you feel old at nineteen just wait until you're almost thirty!! :P Hehe. Oh and happy birthday!

    1. thank you! oh god I don't even want to think about that yet! LOL

    2. I don't either and it's only two years away for me! Ahh!!! I still feel like I'm eighteen LOL!

    3. aha it's ages away then LOL? At least you still feel like you're eighteen that must mean lots of opportunities to have fun and chill out as well as work hard ;)

  5. Yep I'll never grow old mentally hehe. :D


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