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hiya guys,

I'm trying this new app on my phone for weeks I've been trying to get it to work and it's finally decided that it wants to work!  I've not got much to update you all about really.

I'm going out for lunch with my mum and uncle today at the white Hart which i haven't been to before. I've also decided that I am on a get fit mission again that means time to stop snacking at night time like i have been doing, I'm also going to be doing the 30 day ab challenge. That means sit ups, push ups, planking etc. Also back to walking my dog again and going to be doing the couch to 5k training. So we'll have to see how it goes.

But that's all for now guys.
until next time
A Girl With A Dream


  1. Yay for getting fit! As soon as my back heals I'm going to do the same thing. I'm so tired of injuring myself because I'm so out of shape. Keep us updated on your progress!


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