Another good ride on Gatsby :D

well it's been a few days since i've updated so i thought i'd let you  know about my lesson with Gatsby on Saturday (i have videos but they won't be in this post because I need to upload them and put them on youtube and that could take quite a while). 

I started off working with flat length stirrups, Gatsby was forward responsive and nice off my leg, he felt amazing and we were getting the outline again, i then moved on to doing some trot work. In the trot i made sure that he was nice and stretched before asking him to collect and come in to the outline. We started warming up over three trot poles, in trot. I then asked if we could do the exercise where we trot over the poles, ask for the canter and do a 20m circle and then trot just before the canter poles. Fiona said that we could do it and it felt good, all though Gatsby got a bit excited and ended up turning the trot poles in to canter poles. He really collected his stride and we didn't even touch the poles (I also have this on video). 

We then added in the jump, we were only doing a small jump at E the trot poles stayed at B, this time we trotted or (occasionally) cantered over the trot poles, then cantered around to the jump, over the jump cantering back to the trot poles and repeating this four times in a row. It felt so good and i am really proud of the work Gatsby and I are doing. I then cooled him down for a good 10 minutes because boy that horse was steaming. 

Over all it was a really good lesson and I am feeling much more confident in our jump work. Everything is slowly coming together for us and we are working really well as a pair, we are also planning a competition for next year. 

Sunday I saw Jack it was really good and he is looking loads better, it's only 58 days until he is home and I can not wait to have him back it will be amazing! He seemed dead cheerful and made me laugh just like he always does, I see him again in 8 days, tomorrow I will post about my two rides today. :D 

Until Then 
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  1. Sounds like a great lesson. So exciting that you'll get to compete next year. :D I'm looking forward to the videos. I'm also happy you got to see Jack and that he is doing well.

    1. Thank you it's not long now until Jack is back! I can not wait! Competing is going to be so much fun it is something that I have always wanted to do and i feel that now is the right time, especially with the help and support of my amazing riding instructor, Fiona, will be posting the videos in the next few days!


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