Quiet on the western front

hiya everyone, 

well there is nothing much to report here things have been pretty quiet, I've heard off Jack loads this week and it has been nice to have to just randomly chat too :) I like it when he manages to ring me more often but you never know with Jack some days he'll ring other days he won't. He hardly ever rings at the same time and most of the time he never tells me that he's planning on ringing. He quite likes waking me up in the mornings. 

Today has been a more eventful day, I'm without a car at the minute which is doing my head in! My car is at BMW having new brake pads put on and possibly new brake disks as well so I don't get it back until 12.30 tomorrow because they have been too busy to manage to sort it today. I had a trip to the hospital with my dad (but that is a post for another day) and I got George (Jack's little brother) out of trouble. 

The horse front is quiet at the minute as I am not at my stables until the new year now, i'm missing it loads. But I am making plans for next year that will also be a post to itself. 

But for now that's all I've got to tell you. 

I'll post again soon. 
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


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