Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Jumping Gatsby - 1st December 2014 and Pony Club.

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Yesterday I rode Gatsby again, it's getting to the time of year where my monday rides mean it's already going dark when I get on Gatsby so unfortunately I have no video's from my lesson. My dad also came to watch my lesson with Gatsby which was really nice, as he hasn't been in a while although after he told me that he was quite apprehensive watching me jumping Gatsby as compared to last time we have got a lot faster jumping and the whole process is going a lot smoother. 

Above you can see a diagram of the jumping that Gatsby and I did, while it was only two jumps and neither of them were that big it was important for me to do as it made me focus more on my striding, turning, getting the correct lead after the jump or if i didn't being able to change the lead and set myself up for the next jumping. We started off by picking the canter up by K (doing walk to canter transitions), I then cantered around past A, turning to jump the jump that is on 'X', and then riding straight towards H, I did this on it's own a couple of times. I then did the same thing but going back to trot at 'H' and picking up the right canter lead before c, then turning at M to get the second jump and riding straight towards 'E' this wasn't the easiest thing to do because there wasn't a very big space to set up the jump (Two strides maybe three between M and the Jump). Once we had got this and were doing this well we then changed it. I still picked up the canter at 'E' but then I jumped the jump near M' first, after jumping it I had to pull Gatsby up quickly as we had got a tight turn to make, from M going towards C, I then cantered at C picking up the left lead and jumped over the jump at 'X' making sure to ride straight towards 'F'. I did this a couple of times and then cooled Gatsby down because it was then time for pony club. 

I untacked Gatsby, and went in to the tack room to be told we were all going back outside as we were working on Lunging that night, we got Vettie and Taz ready (for the older people at pony club), I lunged Vettie and it was so much fun, I needed to be a bit firmer with Vettie to get him to trot but once I had got him trotting it was really nice, and I really enjoyed it. I then helped put the ponies around the back to bed with Alice. 

Just as I was leaving Pony Club I heard my phone ring and it was Jack so I got to talk to him too. I love it when he rings me cause it's always nice to chat with him, I told him about my lesson and he says he can't wait to see Gatsby and I out doing cross country next year, we chatted about other random things and then I finished up my phone call with him and then I went home.

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