Sorry I've not posted in a few days guys, things have just been really hectic with my university deadline (tomorrow) and things getting changed at the last minute! I will be back to posting regularly tomorrow :D. I had a really good morning at my stables yesterday I was there for nearly four hours and I just had a proper laugh and giggle with Elaine, while doing the yard jobs. I always love my time at the stables, but here's my plans for the weekend. 

Friday (tomorrow) - meeting with Jacks mum then we are going out for the evening. We're spending the day getting ready and doing some jobs. Then going out to her works christmas do which is motown themed. 

Saturday - Stables!!! Now my uni deadline is out of the way I'm going up for my lesson and we are jumping then I am staying up and helping out. Then in the evening I am meeting up with Charmaine for the last time before she goes home for christmas. 

Sunday - I get to see Jack, because I went on my own last time, I'm taking his little brother George with me this time who hasn't seen him in a month (The last time he went was with me). 

I'm sure you guys will get spammed with photographs on my blog posts this weekend.

Until Next Time 
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