we have snow!

Well it's Boxing Day and today has been a really good day, as is tradition in our family my sister came over today with her partner and my little nephew for a meal and some awesome family time. She was on one but that is just what my sister is like she tends to go on one about lots of random different things. 

We had no snow yesterday but today it HAS started snowing, people will know that I do not always have a good record with snow, I am very clumsy and always tend to fall over when it starts snowing, the last time we had snow I spent two full days looking for a miniature shetland pony that had gone missing (the pony was found safe and sound), before that it snowed and I tripped on a patch of Black Ice and broke my hand in three places. So it's safe to say when it starts snowing I start thinking 'OMG'. However this year I am looking forward to it because it would be an interesting time to take some wicked snow photographs. So tomorrow I am on a mission to get snow photographs! Depending on how bad the snow actually is. So stay tuned for them :).

Here's some of my quick snow phone snaps. 

This is when it first started snowing, I'd asked my uncle if it was snowing and he said yes, but that it was too wet and was not settling on the ground. 5 Minutes later I went to look for myself and this fluffy blanket had started to appear it looks so pretty! 
It had been snowing for about two hours here! somewhere underneath that snow is my little Red mini, not that you can tell, my mums car isn't quite as well hidden, that's my foot prints in the snow, I'd tried writing on mine and my mums windows but the snow was too thick. So that's mine and mums car or as my nephew would say 'baby car and big car'. 

Just because I can, I tried writing this on my car window, but the snow was too thick, I had left it to long, so instead I wrote it on the floor on my driver. Hehe, you can read it fairly well but if you can't tell fully it says 'Jack + Amber', when the post is up and running and back to normal I'll be sending him this. Hehe I'm a big kid at heart really, IloveYou Mr. Morris <3. 
Enjoy The Snow!!!!! 

until next time 
A Girl With A Dream :) 


  1. Hehe I love snow too! The ice is where I get clumsy and hurt myself... this post also makes me realize how far behind I am on reading your blog... oops!

  2. I used to love snow when I was a kid but now I hate it lol I'm too accident prone. Its good to see yu and chat again I was only thinking the other day I hadn't seen any comments from you in a while xx

    1. I didn't know if anyone ever even missed me! I'll try not to disappear so long again, but no promises because things have been so hectic.

    2. I'm the same, I thought people had stopped reading my blog to be honest with the little amounts that I have been posting on it for a while, so it's nice to know people still read it and enjoy it.


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