Busy but productive day at the stables

Today has been a good day but a long day at the stables, I got there for 9.30 this morning to help Fiona out and Suzanne came up to help out too. We had all the horses to muck out and the weather was horrible, it was chucking it down. I mucked out Little Rocky, Percy, Gatsby, Soly and Sam's stable. I then put in their stables Gatsby (the trouble maker), Sam, Vettie, Chloe, Fussy, Rosie and then Fiona did the others. We then started debating bedding, for the past few months the stables have had straw pellet bedding in, but it looks dirty all the time. Yes it's easier to muck out but it doesn't look good. Thursday Fiona decided to put in Bliss bedding, this looks amazing, and smells clean and fresh BUT is a nightmare to muck out, it takes forever, it clumps together and you end up taking to much of the bedding out. So we're going back to using Aqua max bedding at the minute. That looks clean and fresh and is easy to muck out but it's expensive! 

After I'd finished helping out in the morning (about 12.30/1pm) I went home for a few hours before being back for my lesson at 3.50 for half an hour. I got to ride Vettie and we did get some really good work, we had nice transitions, with lots of energy and lift. We spent the majority of the lesson working in an outline, even on his bad rein. Vettie is stiffer to the left (he's 25) so normally the outline is harder to get to the lift however today I found that the outline for me was easier to get going to the left because I didn't need to use my left shoulder as much (which I was really struggling with, I need to strengthen my left arm). I was really happy with the work that we did, we even did circles were we made the circle smaller by leg yielding in to the middle then made it bigger by leg yielding back out. It all worked so well and I'm so happy with it. 

At Pony Club we were working on the training for the E test, which gave me the opportunity to get on Gatsby. I was only on Gatsby for 10-15 minutes but it felt amazing. Gatsby was supple, soft and working really well in an outline. We worked in an outline the whole way through it. We were only really doing beginner work (walk and trot in a straight line, on or off a lead rope). For the rest of pony club we laughed and joked and skipped out the rest of the stables. We had a really good time and I really enjoyed it.
Just because my chinchillas are super cute, Bruce is on the top sitting on the house thing, and Patrick is trying to climb out the cage, this is always what these two are like. But I LOVE them! 

I have no idea what the plan is for tomorrow I know I officially start working at my stables on Wednesday and I am pretty sure that I have my nephew coming over on Wednesday. 
And of course if I put up photographs of the Chinchillas then I can not miss out a photograph of the puppy dog, Angel kept me company for a while in bed last night. She was very warm and I appreciated the little hot water bottle ;D 

I saw Jack yesterday too, only 30 days until he's home :). 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream. 


  1. Sounds like a great lesson. :D Also funny to know you call the dog a hot water bottle too! I thought I was the only one who did that. :)

    1. OMG, I can't believe someone else calls there dog a hot water bottle, my boyfriend always looks at me like I am completely insane when I call Angel a hot water bottle, it's funnier when I do it about his two dogs.


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