Busy few days

I've had a good few days. Monday I had my night out with the uni girls, it was a good night and we had a proper giggle, yes it was a knackering night and I felt shattered the next morning but it was so fun and I enjoyed it for a change. I also had pony club monday night and it went really well. We worked on grooming horses properly and how to look after a horse in cold weather and snow as we have had snow again.
The uni girls :D
Tuesday (yesterday) I went to uni in the morning and then spent the day in bed, other than going to the doctors where it was confirmed I do have tonsillitis, I basically slept for twenty four hours. 

Wednesday (today), I went to work this morning, I've really been struggling with my throat but decided to ignore that and just get on with it and enjoy myself. I mucked out four stables and helped to fill hay nets, I was there for two hours and it was so cold! Gatsby was glad to be bought in by the end of the morning, he's not enjoying the snow and literally stood by his gate waiting to come in the whole morning. 

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  1. I'm glad you had fun on girl's night. I hope the tonsillitis cleared up quickly. How annoying to have to deal with that all the time. :(


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