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Well I'm just waiting for my homemade lasagne and Garlic Bread to cook that I made with my mum so I thought what better time than to write a post :). First of all I thought that I would let you know what Dressage Tests I am planning on doing in March. The first one is Intro B (I haven't seen this test yet, but I do know that it is a walk/trot test) and the second one is Prelim 14. My riding Teacher told me to learn this test this week so I thought what better way to do this than by writing it out here :), hope you guys don't mind but if you find it boring feel free to skip. 

1) Enter at A in Walking Trot and proceed down the centre line. At C turn Left. 
2) H to E working Trot, at E Circle Left 20 metres, E to K working trot. 
3) Between K AND A transition to walk for 2-5 steps, then proceed to working trot. 
4) FXH Change the rein in working trot. 
5) Between H AND C transition to walk for 2-5 steps, then proceed to working trot. 
6) B Circle right 20m give and retake the rein after E
7) Between F AND A working canter, KEH working canter. 
8) C circle right 20m diameter, MBF working canter. 
9) Between F and A working trot, between A and K Medium Walk. 
10) KXM Change the rein in a free walk on a long rein. M medium walk. 
11) Between M AND C working trot, HEK Working trot. 
12) Between K AND A working canter to the left, A circle left 20m Diameter. 
13) AFBM Working Canter. 
14) Between M AND C working trot. HXF Change the rein in working trot. 
15) A turn down the centre line. Between X AND G Halt, immobility, salute. 
Then leave the arena in a free walk on the long rein where appropriate. 

At the minute I am fairly certain that I can remember it, however until I try and ride it through on Saturday I am not going to be 100% sure whether I have got it remembered or not. It doesn't normally take me long to remember tests and I tend to read over it at least once a day. When I go to ride on Saturday I am going to ride as if it was competition day. I am going to warm up for about 15/20 minutes. Including bits of trot and canter work (But not huge amounts as I would not do big amounts on the day) and then ride through the test and see how it feels. 

I am also looking at buying the full set of British Dressage Tests so that I have got them for in the future and I can learn them and get ready for and up coming tests. 

The past couple of days I have been using the My Fitness Pal APP to track what food I am eating and making sure I stay with in my calorie limit, so far it is going really well and I have stayed under the amount of calories that I am allowed. I have also done a couple of minutes hula hooping (going to do some more later on tonight) I haven't got around to walking/running yet but I am going to get started on that tomorrow. I'm using the Endomondo app, that tracks walking, riding, cycling, running and other sports, and connects it straight to the My Fitness Pal app. If anyones got any tips on learning a test and riding at competitions feel free to leave me a comment. 

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  1. Do the British Dressage tests change every few years like our do? I don't have any advice on memorizing tests since I've never done it. I have a horrible memory. I'd probably have to have a reader because I have such horrible stage fright I totally freeze up when I ride in front of people lol.

    1. I am not 100% sure if they change every few years but I get the feeling that they do, it is something that I will definitely look in to in the future. The way I end up memorising the tests was for my warm up I walked through the whole test before moving on to it. I also used to read the tests before I went to sleep so that I would remember them. I did have to have a reader though just to give me that little bit more confidence and support if that makes sense?

    2. Totally makes sense! That's what I would have done too. :D


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