Still No Horse Time…

…And I am going insane. It's weird the effects horses have on me but I feel like when I'm not around horses that often I'm just not very chilled out an calm the majority of the time. Yesterday and today have both been fairly quiet. I haven't really done a lot, I played on my playstation with Jack, completed a series of prison break, and did some more hula hooping to try and lose weight and tone myself up a little bit. Tonight I am off to work at the part time job that I share with Jack (The River Garden Chinese as a Delivery driver). 

Saturday I am back to riding normally and I can not wait. I'm buzzing about it. This will hopefully be the week that I finally get to ride bare back but only time will tell. But anyway that's it and theres nothing interesting left for me to say.



  1. I feel you on the lack of horse time!! I feel very fortunate that mine are in my backyard so I can at least go hug them. :) It helps a lot with keeping me calm.

    1. Horses are the only thing that can fully change me mind in like less than a minute, it's why I can't wait to have magic closer to me, I'll be in his field all the time!


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