Well guys I felt like it was time to give everyone an update on what's going on with magic. The short and simple of it is my boy decided too give me an extremely expensive Christmas that came out in the form of three different vet bills. A week ago tomorrow I had to have the vet out for the first time this was after a week of looking off on his back leg,she gave him bute and diagnosed him with having a locking back stifle. She recommended that he needed to be going out a little bit more than he has been , so Sunday I put him out in his knew field for the day and bought him back in at night time.

This brings us to Monday morning, I went to bring him out the stable and he was hopping lame. Que second phonecalls to the vets and second call out, as it was now his front leg that he was having problems with! I was reassures by the vet that came out that it was just a bruised heel to keep giving him bute and box  rest for a few days and that she couldnt tell me to ooutlice it due to the fact of if he kicked me I could hold her responsible. At this point there was no heat in his foot just sensitive to touch. Me being the overly cautious horse owner that I am decided to poultice his foot anyway. By the next morning his foot was red hot and stinking.

I asked my farrier to check him and got the confirmation that magic had got m infected popped abcess and a split frog. I got told to ring the vet again, I decided too ring a different vet they came out and gave him antibiotics and telling me to poultice his foot twice a day until the infection was gone then dry poultice it for a few days.
Today was magics first day back out in the field, his foot is still all wrapped up but he went back out as he is much happier and more himself now to see what tomorrow will bring. But for now I'm exhausted and want to cuddle up in bed with my man. I hope you have all had a wicked Christmas.


Amber and Magic 


  1. Sorry your Christmas was so expensive and sucked. :( My New Year has been a total nightmare so I feel your pain..

    Abscesses are such a pain. Thrush can be a problem too. It will cause heel pain which causes them to walk wrong which can lead to abscesses. It's fairly easy to prevent though just by daily cleaning of the hoof and I even spray the bottom with salt water. It helps clean all the gunk out of the crevices and the salt kills the bacteria. I hope he feels better soon.

    I'm glad you decided to go with a different vet. That first one sounds.... not good. I'm glad he's back out in the field. Movement is the best thing for locking stifles.

  2. As harsh as it may sound I'm glad it isn't just me having a bad time at the !moment.

    He's improved loads and is a lot happoiee now but getting rid of his abcess has been a nightmare. Im hoping that we have got rid of it now though.


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