Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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He has been named.

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Well I have finally got around to naming my baby horse and he is called magic for short. His posh/show name isn't set in concrete yet but it will be either mystical black magic, black magic or maybe even midnight magic, I've not decided yet, I just know that his name will be magic. I'll let you know more when I know more. 

Now I wanted to ask whether you guys had an opinion on clicker training, and if you think it works or not. This is something that I haven't worked with before but am doing my research in to. I also wondered how you guys that have got baby horses got them used to wearing a head collar/halter and did you guys use a foal slip? Obviously I'm just learning and need to do lots more research but I would also be extremely grateful for any opinions or advice that you guys have! 

In other news I have joined the gym and am on a mission to lose weight, tone up and get fit. Hopefully I'll start to see some results soon, but I'll keep you guys updated on all of that. 

I rode Gatsby today and it went really well, we had another bareback ride today and it went really well. I only rode for 30 minutes because after that I started to feel really sick and had to get off to be sick. While I was riding we worked on walk and getting him in to an outline and O.M.G it was so much easier he just fell straight in to an outline. 

But anyway i need to get jack from work soon so I'm heading off. 
Amber Rose 

I'm having a baby!

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Well a baby horse that is! Haha I wonder how many of you thought something different with my post title. I hadn't though of any funny post titles in a while so I thought that this could be one. For those of you that have been following my blog you'll have seen my debate about whether I wanted to get an older horse or a foal and the decision that I came to was that I wanted a baby horse. The main reason for this was the horses history. At my yard, I've seen a few people that thought that they had got an amazing horse and then as time goes on without problems have been found to do with its past, so my thoughts with having a baby horse are the fact that I will know 100% the horses history. So back to what I was saying today I went and put down a deposit on a less than 24 hour old foal. 
Colt, not named yet, born19th May 2015, to make between 16 and 17hh. 

I went to see it today with my mum and Jack and got to meet the foal, the mum and the dad. Although the dad was absolutely MASSIVE! I mean this horse was over 18hands high. He was huge he made my 6ft 2inches tall boyfriend look small. I was like OH MY GOD, but both the mum and dad seemed to have the softest and most gentle personality ever. Photos of mum and foal, and of the dad will be shown and can be seen below on the post. 

As I have only decided to do this today, I have not yet decided on a name or anything like that but I am quite liking the names, Black Magic, Black Jack, Diamond in the Rough (Diamond for short) or Black Diamond, so please feel free to let me know what you guys think. I've obviously got lots of things left to figure out and I can't wait for you all to follow me on my dream finally becoming a reality! 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose. 

New Experiences - Bareback.

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Well for those of you that have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I've always wanted to try riding bareback but that I have never had the opportunity to do it before. A couple of weeks ago I told Fiona that I really wanted to do it and explained that I thought that it would help me really be able to feel how to get Gatsby in to an outline. After explaining this Fiona said I could have a go and three weeks later thats exactly what I got to do. I started out by riding with the saddle, just to be able to warm up, making sure that I could swing in the saddle without feeling restricted, we did a bit of walk, trot and canter work and mainly focused on getting him in the outline. I wanted to make sure that Gatsby was forward but also that he was willing accepting contact and moving in to the outline. I wanted him to feel that he was doing the right thing by accepting small amounts of pressure on the rein and only having to occasionally reinforce the contact and make it stronger. 

After I'd rode for about 30 minutes with a saddle, it was time to try riding bareback. As you'll all know Gatsby is quite a big horse so we were trying to figure out for a while how I was going to get on him. I knew using the mount block I wouldn't quite be able to get the right amount of stretch as I'm just that little bit too small and I was riding in jeans (I won't be doing that again). So we decided to use the fence on the outside of the arena, to give me that little bit extra height so that I could just swing my leg over on to his back. It went surprisingly better than I thought that it was going to go and I was really happy getting on. 

The first few steps felt STRANGE, I could feel every single thing and it was weirding me out, I could feel his shoulders moving, his back lifting when he dropped in to the outline. Just EVERYTHING. To start with I felt quite tense (because it was something I've never done before), but as time went on I felt able to relax and chill out and move freely. Gatsby looked and felt happier without a saddle than he did with a saddle. Fiona told me that I needed to do some trot work to see what it felt like and at first I was a bit like OH. MY. GOD. I can't do that. However when I gave it ago I found it so much easier to actually be able to sit to the trot, I felt like I literally could just stick to his back. I was so happy with it. We managed to get moments of really good strong outlines, we just need to work on steering more when I don't have the saddle, as I know that he listens more to hips and my hips just weren't quite level today. But that is something that I am working on at the minute through doing lots of stretching, walking and hopefully swimming to! Hey I might even get motivated to join the gym.  I learnt so much from riding Gatsby bareback today, and I know that the more I do it the stronger my riding is going to get. So Fiona said next week we are going to start off by just getting rid of the saddle straight away. 

I will upload the photographs from todays lesson tomorrow, as right about now i'm just ready to crash in bed and get some sleep, as i have a busy but fun day ahead of me tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I'm off to the last day of Chatsworth horse trials so I am sure that I will have lots more photographs for you guys then. So stay tuned! 

Until Next Time 

Still No Horse Time…

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…And I am going insane. It's weird the effects horses have on me but I feel like when I'm not around horses that often I'm just not very chilled out an calm the majority of the time. Yesterday and today have both been fairly quiet. I haven't really done a lot, I played on my playstation with Jack, completed a series of prison break, and did some more hula hooping to try and lose weight and tone myself up a little bit. Tonight I am off to work at the part time job that I share with Jack (The River Garden Chinese as a Delivery driver). 

Saturday I am back to riding normally and I can not wait. I'm buzzing about it. This will hopefully be the week that I finally get to ride bare back but only time will tell. But anyway that's it and theres nothing interesting left for me to say.


Photographs and Explanations.

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Well the blog front is still being quiet because at the moment I haven't got a lot going on to do with horses. After losing my job at the stables due to ill health and working a part time delivery job with my boyfriend to make ends meet I'm back to being at the stables once a week and this week that didn't even happen, due to Fiona's ill health. So I've seen a few people commenting not knowing much about my ill health with my stomach so I thought I'd spend this time sharing with you some photographs taken by my amazing mum and boyfriend and explaining more about my stomach problems. 

So for those of you that don't know I have struggled with my stomach on and off since 2006 (when I was in year 7, 11 years old I think). Everyone thought that I was just complaining about having stomach ache because I didn't want to go to school, teachers tried blaming it on 'being bullied' or that I didn't like the lessons. Doctors kept telling me that it was growing pains and eventually 'you'll grow out of it' but to this day I never have done. I get a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach and behind my bottom left ribs, some days it's bare able other days I physically can't move or go any where. On top of this at my worst points I physically can not eat and end up being sick every time I try. I've been in hospitals for days and weeks on end, when they discovered my stomach problems caused a liver problem. I've also been diagnosed with endometryosis (not entirely sure how you spell that one to be honest). For the past couple of years my stomach has been fairly calm, I've still had the bad patches where I can't really do anything but that's been mainly when I've been stressed out. At one point last year I was even off all the tablets that I had been on, and I was buzzing cause it was the first time in a long time that I had been off them. However I am now in the process of going through more and more tests to try and discover what has caused this flair up. So that's my brief overview or history of my stomach. 

Now on to the fun part, here's some more photos from Gatsby and I's last lesson. 

Aha Gatsby is looking at me as if to say how many layers do you want to have on? 

First attempting at doing leg yield this one was not particularly successful. 

Actually managed to get a photograph were you can see the crossing over of Gatsby's legs while doing leg yield, compared to our first attempts this shows how much we are coming on.

Attempts at shoulder in. 

Our last attempt at shoulder in. 
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream - AmberRose. 

Photo spam session 1

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Well I got reminded last night that I don't think I ever posted on here the results from my dressage competition, I didn't manage to place in either of the tests but the good news is that in both of them I was one place of placing. I got 7th in both and even managed to get a '9' score on my first test. My riding was better in the walk trot test because I had a bit of a melt down in the second test because instead of focusing on what I was doing I was stressing about who was judging me however I didn't come last on either of them so I was quite happy. Gatsby was a star that day, I still need to put the videos on youtube but as soon as I have put them up I will post them here and you can let me know what you guys think. 

These are just a couple of photographs that were taken at the show, these are my two favourites and the one at the top is even my laptop screensaver, after having done one show I have realised that I would love to do another one. But first I want to lose some more weight. 
Now on to some more riding photographs, I haven't really posted much recently with everything that has been going on and to be honest I've annoyed myself by getting this far behind again, so while this post is going to be full of photographs I am going to get back to posting more regularly. 

The first lot of photographs are from my ride two weeks ago, they were taken by my mum and Jack and this is where we decided that I can ride better without stirrups. At the minute our theory is that when I ride with stirrups to try and support my hip I brace my leg against the stirrups which means that I end up pushing my position ever so slightly out of place. So we took my stirrups away to see what happened and we did work in the walk, trot and even small bits of canter, all though I can't say that i am the worlds biggest fan of the downwards transitions. The photographs should show up the slight differences in my position and while they are not overly obvious they do make a big difference. 

This photo doesn't show my position very well but I think that Gatsby looks pretty cool and shiny so I thought that I would include it anyway.

This is just to show my position with my stirrups as you'll see it's not the worlds best and i'm not very happy with it, my arms and legs are wrong, although my leg doesn't look to bad here but you can see the tension through my left side. 

Here Fiona was showing me the feel that I need to have down the reins with Gatsby as sometimes I am not quite firmer enough but it's something that we will slowly improve on. 

Again this was just to show you guys what happens when I have my stirrups. 

Because my boy took a wicked photograph of Gatsby and I really love it so I thought that all you lot needed to see it too. 

Riding without stirrups, the main thing I need to work on when doing this is keeping my toes up. however I felt that this photo and the photo below show how my hips aren't quite straight as you'll see that my left leg appears slightly tighter and shorter than my right. 

This is when we started riding Properly see Gatsby you can work in an outline you just didn't know it!

Again much easier to sit the trot when I had actually put Gatsby together and got him working in an outline.

I'm not quite sure what was going on here other than we were doing some canter work Gatsby seems to have a massive stride when you look at this but sitting it it doesn't feel that big. 

The part that I am not very good at (I'm 99% sure that this is what this is anyway) coming down from canter back to sitting trot with no stirrups. 

Well I think that i have spammed you guys with photographs enough for one day, or at least enough for one past I might decide to post again later but for now I'll leave you with one lessons with off photographs, feel free to let me know what you think about my position or just any comments you have you know I love hearing from you guys! So until later (when you'll have more photographs).

AmberRose A Girl With A Dream