Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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6 Months Old - Present Time

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Today Magic is 6 months old, and I was a nice horse owner and got him a present although at the moment I don't think that he really appreciates it. I've bought him a Dually Halter. Up until Bonfire night I was able to lead Magic everywhere, everywhere I went he came, he walked around the stable nicely, he was polite, he'd walk in the school, to the school and to the field, however since he got spooked on Bonfire night this has not been the case. He's started to only walk where he wants to walk to, until today. Today was the first day that he wore his new Red Monty Roberts Dually Head Collar and the difference in just one time of wearing it was amazing. He only had two stupid moments and calmed down quickly after both of them
My little monster out in the field munching on Hay, this is one of the first few times that he went out in the field.
I took him for a walk again tonight using his new head collar and the change in him is amazing! He leads so much better, he stays next to me, walks with his head at my shoulder like he's supposed to. He's even starting to stand properly, only for 10 seconds at the moment but hey it's a start right? Tomorrow we are going to do more work on leading and backing up, my aim at the moment is to try and keep his head where it's supposed to be and to keep him moving and walking freely. He seems to be understanding what I have asked of him so that's all I can ask for from him.
He always lies down when I'm there but this was with in the first week of me having him, I guess Magic just feels comfortable around me.
Now on to the bad news, I got suspended from University today unfortunately due to my ill health and the loss of my driving licence. Next september I get to go back and then all it means I'll do is start this year again, but as the saying goes only time will tell. So the only plus side to that is that I get to spend more time perfecting and training Magic.

Until Next Time
Amber Rose 

The pony escapades and photos

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I am trying to get back in to the swing of writing more often but with how I'm feeling at the minute finding the motivation is not always the easiest thing in the world. However I've got a spare few moments in between sorting Magic out and trying to sort everything else out so I thought now was the best time. 

Magic is doing great at the moment I see him three times a day and the main thing that we are working on his picking up his back feet. At the moment he will happily (well as close to happy as a baby can be about these things) pick up his front feet and pick them out. However his back feet is a totally different story. One minute he'll let me touch his back legs the next minute he wants nothing to do with me being near his back legs. As I am a big fan of Parelli we are currently using the friendly game to work on picking up his back legs and he seems to be getting happier with the situation. The next thing that we are mainly working on is leading. Magic has been great to lead since the moment I got him, it's one of the things that he picked up straight away. However since the harsh weather he's got slightly more obnoxious about it and now likes to plant himself in one place and refuse to move. Eventually I'm going to teach him the driving game so I know that this will help him to understand things more, but until then I'm just trying to be persistent and NOT let him win. I'm also planning on buying him a Monty Roberts Dually Halter tomorrow, so I think that this might help as well. 

Today he has been exceptionally naughty, he's tried biting and kicking and doesn't like the word no. However I think this was due to the fact he was tied up outside his stable while I was mucking out his stable and that it was just getting really really windy which was freaking him out. However he did eventually decide to listen and just calm down and be his normal self.

Right now on to the bit that you have all been waiting for PHOTOGRAPHS! I've got a huge amount of photographs from when he was a baby until the day that I got him and then thousands since them. So I'm going to attempt to get the photographs in age order but with that many this might be slightly hard. 

Magic the day he came, he was quite skinny and underweight and didn't look the worlds best, however after he let me brush him for an hour he had a nice shiny coat. At this point he was quite frightened, but he was still trying to be very loving. 

After I'd had him for a couple of days, I love the look of the Aquamax bedding but for a baby it just didn't work. Unfortunately he made it too wet.

Same day as the photograph that was taken above. See even though he was quite nervous he was still being very loving and kind. Although he is not so small! 

Pretty face.

I have taken lots of photographs of him looking at his body because I wanted to see the progression in his weight, you can also see we moved on to straw bedding because he managed to keep this cleaner. 

Selfie's with the pony, first or second time out in the field. 

Example of planting himself in one spot and deciding that he doesn't' want to move.

Photograph taken three days ago, as you can see he is starting to look much healthier.

Starting to get used to traffic going past as he is not very keen on cars at the  moment however we made a BIG step and walked to the scary gate 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose 

Very brief catch up post

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Hi guys,

Well it has been a while since I have had time to blog but it's safe to say my life has just been a little bit hectic. Magic is now at home and I'm loving that. I get to see him everyday and his cute little face always looks happy to see me. Whole some days I really struggle with the early mornings other days I find it fine (however this will be explained more later). At the moment either my mum or I am at the stables three times a day.  For his breakfast, lunch and tea. I've had magic for about a month now. When I first got him he was struggling to maintain his weight, it kept going up and down.  However since changing his feed he is slowly putting his weight on and starting to look extremely healthy. He goes out in the field daily and will happily let me catch him all though at the minute his favourite game is playing let's break the electric fencing. I've taught him to pick his front feet up and have them picked out (although it is under great protest) and the past two days he has starTed letting me pick his back feet out to all though magic is not as keen on this. My next thing that I wanted to teach him is about rugging as we are currently going through some quite bad weather at the moment and it is said to just be getting worse. I will over load you guys with pictures soon.

As for my health it's slowly getting better.  I am currently on a mission to get fit, those of you that have me on Facebook will know that I have lost my driving licence. So I am currently getting the bus to places, doing plenty more walking and even doing some small amounts of cycling. I am starting using slim fast to lose weight as well as moderating my food in take and obviously with magic I am also a lot more active. On Thursday I was at the hospital and I have finally got some more answers about my stomach problems.  Part of the reason that I am being sick is the fact that my stomach takes twice as long as a 'normal' persons to digest food, so I get that he feeling of being fuller earlier and that leads to the sickness.  The second thing is that I am also being tested for Addison disease this is a problem with the adrenal gland and causes tiredness, vomiting, cramping and pins and needles, low moods and last but not least fatigue and no motivation more specifically in a morning.

But anyway guys I'm now off to sleep as I am feeling really tired. Tomorrow I will do a better magic up date and of course post lots of pictures.

Until next time
Amber Rose