13. Fitness motivation

Mum did magic this morning which gave me the opportunity to catch up on some of the sleep that I've been missing out on at night time at the moment. We all then went up to Magic at lunch time, and he was lying in his stable fast asleep, he really didn't want to move but eventually he decided that he would get his lazy bum up off the stable floor and get some work done. Before he went out in the field I took him for a walk around the school, since I've got this new fitbit tracker I've been trying to keep on moving more so that I can lose more weight this is the 2nd proper dry of using it and I am loving it. I have also learnt that you actually burn weight when you aren't really doing anything, but back to the point we walked around the school doing little bits of trot work in hand,but mainly walking in hand and going through puddles. I then walked him down to his field and put him out for the reSt of the afternoon. Later on I will go back and bring him in and then I will do some more in hand work with him. As bad as it sounds magic is my motivation to lose weight. So if that means that the only way I can do the daily goal for my steps and calories burnt is by walking magic around the school then the pretty pony better get used to it because that is what I am going to do.
Pretty boy says he is tired  

Do I have to get up mum? Yes Magic you do. 
This evening I got Magic in, he was great to catch like he always has been, he follows me all the way to the gate and then stands there and waits for me to put his head collar on. Now normally I would tie magic up brush him and then put him in  his stable and he would already gave his night time feEd in there. However the past two days magic gets groomed in the morning by either myself or my mum, he's then bought in at night time and we go in the school and do a bit of leading.  Tonight he walked in hand all the way around the school without having any spooking problems. He then did trot when I asked him to trot and by the time I was done he was trotting through the puddles.  He's getting such a clever and brave boy.  I then took him back in to the stable and started the training work that I am doing on his head collar.  I make him stand by the door and face the corner, my mum or jack then stand with a likit for him and I wait until he is stood patiently before removing his head collar, last night this took nearly an hour tonight it took roughly 10 minutes. I then put his food in or my mum does and then that is magic done for the night.

Now I thought I would show you guys something cool. Above you can swe what my fitbit app/dashboard shows me. So far I am finding this a really useful tool, and definitely something that I am glad to have invested in. The sections in the orange or reddy colour are the ones that I am close to reaching my goal on, the green sections are where I have reached my goal. Today I still have 3000 more steps to take, and then this will put me back in the zone and change the dial at the bottom of the right hand collumn to green. The app tells me how many calories I can eat, how much weight I want to lose, how much sleep I get and my heart rate so far I think that the app and tracker have been really useful they have even motivated me to do small bits of running even if it's only a lap or two around the school with my midnight magic.  I think these  tools are going to really help me to lose the weight that I want to lose.

Until next time
Amber and Magic.


  1. That fitbit app is so cool! I really wish I had one. I'm glad it's helping you with staying motivated. Keep up the great work with Magic. I was in such good shape when I was hand walking Chrome every where lol.


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