17. Fun in the snow photo post

I'm not feeling like writing a lot today so ive decided to just post lots of photos of magic in the snow for the first time.

Until Next time
Amber and Magic
My boy is definitely not camera shy. 

Again you will be able to see that Magic is going very bum high at the minute, I haven't measured him in a few days so I'll do that tomorrow. 

Silly faces

magics first time playing in the snow

Jack says this reminds him of the Lloyd's advert

Kisses with my babyyyyy

He follows me like a sheep

Running to see me

One of my favourites. 

My boy is very photogenic and loves the camera, I want this photo on a canvas or my phone case


  1. Yes, that last picture is amazing!!! I wish I were a better artist so I could paint him for you. Sadly I haven't learned to do animals with paint yet. I'm better at drawing. I love it though.

    Isn't it so fun experiencing the firsts with him?? That was my favorite thing with raising Chrome was all the firsts. First snow, first walk, first blanket, first everything. I loved it (and miss it). Enjoy it with your boy! They grow up so fast!


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