4. Just a quickie until later

Well I forgot to post something on day four so you lucky followers will have 2 new posts today. Magic was really good yesterday, I put him out in the morning with the intention that he'd be out all day but it would appear the weather had other plans and magic came in at lunch time. He was very good for her and did exactly what he was told. In my opinion him letting my mum do that will do him some good because it means he's letting other people interact with him instead of just 100% relaying on me while I do not mind this, it will be better for him just invade there is a day when I'm poorly and I'm unable to do him. 

His foot is looking a lot better and he really is happier or he appears happier to be walking on it. He's also much happier and calmer now that he's getting more turnout time. When I got there last night he was in his stable just enjoying talking to the foal in the stable next to him. I bought him out picked all four of his feet up, and redressed his foot. Then had lots of cuddles before putting him in for the night. 

But anyway people I'm off too get some sleep. 
Until next time
Amber and magic 


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