6. Bandage no more?

Hiya y'all,

Well so far I am managing to keep my blog up-to-date while I know it is only 6 days Im glad I am managing to take the time out of each day to post something. Which reminds me have I told you all about my new money making scheme, I saw it on Facebook. You get an old jar, you can decorate it if you want to, and for each day of the year you put a penny in for that day e.g. day 1 is 1 penny, day 2 is 2 and so on until day 365 is £3.65. By doing this by the end of the year you can make roughly £670, that's why there is a number in my blog post. As I plan to post everyday again I decided putting the day of the year on would help me know what I needed to save.

On to Magic, he's doing really well and hopefully today will be the last day that his foot is bandaged. I gave him his food this morning and threw him out in the field. After getting some advice from Donna the yard owner she recommemed leaving his foot wrapped up until I bring him in then cleaning it up and leaving his foot open for the night.

Tonight my mum and my man were amazing, they really helped with magic, unfortunately tonight I was having a bad spell with my health. Mum sorted out magics stable and then jack fetched him in from the field, he was great for Jack and just really peaceful and calm..jack and mum then took his bandage off and he was really good for them, he even let him do it without being bribed. He then went nicely into his stable and had his food and his hay for the night. Tomorrow Magic will be in for the day as I'm at hospital in the morning and magic is having the vets out to him to do his second set of vaccinations. But for now I am off to sleep as I am not feeling to well.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic


  1. I hope you and Magic feel better soon!

  2. Thank you magic is better now and a lot happier, and as for me I'm getting there slowly im still on lots of pain killers to control the pain and if I don't take them then I am in agony but I'm going through the procedures of what I need to do to get healthier and happier

  3. I'm so sorry you've been feeling so bad. I hope you're feeling better by now.

    I've seen that savings thing on Facebook and thought about trying it but I kept forgetting lol. Keep up the great work with it!


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