38. Photo over load

Well magic and I have been back to working harder than ever, after our lesson with Fiona I did some more work with him on Thursday and then he had Friday off as he just looked tired to me.  On Saturday I had an amazing lesson on gatsby, the amazing horse is still just as amazing as ever. We worked on lots of lateral work mainly leg yield but we started to do little bits of shoulder in all though this is something that I still struggle with. We also did bits of Canter work and he was being such a good boy, we worked mainly on my seat and making that more effective but we also worked on my hands as out of my whole body my hands are my biggest problem as they move quite a lot. We did some canter work, making sure to get a nice contained canter but with plenty of energy.  We then called the lesson to an end as gatsby was really starting to struggle with the wind and rain  that's was beginning to happen.

I then went and spent some time with magic and got a very responsive action again the wind played a huge part in this. He reared up twice during the join up process which didn't go very well, I put him back in his place for doing that and sent him away then when I felt that it was all out of his system I calmly asked him to come back to me and pay attention. You could see when he was starting to get tired so I figured that it was time to move on to the parelli we spent a good amount of time on the friendly game, which I am sure is his favourite game out of them all. I then moved on to the porcupine game and the yo-yo game both of which are games that we have only played a few times but that he is picking up very well. When  I was happy with the work that I had done we then went for a walk down the road. He then got a really nice brush and lots of loving I am super proud of my little boy. But here's some pictures for you, as I'm getting tired :).
My boy decided that he didn't want to take a cute photograph today.
Look my mum I can stretch my legs out really really far, aren't I clever. 

Jack trying to 'photo bomb' my picture of Magic, and Magic is just like oh my God gives me attention now. 
My boy in his Iver size rug playing football 

magic says this is my good side  

Don't care how stupid I look I love my boy. 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. You don't look stupid. He is so cute!! The one of him in the rug reminds me of Chrome's first blanket hehe. Adorable!


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