41. Baby steps = a huge improvement

We did it and today Magic and I had a great breakthrough.  I did magic this morning, and gave him some fuss while making sure that he had got a really big bed as the weather is still very unpredictable at the moment. While I did this my mum gave him a brush and made him look all pretty,  I hate it when he looks scruffy lol my ocd comes in to play and I just have to make him look the best that I know that I can do. I can't wait to be able to give him a proper bath and see him all gleaming and sparkling. I know he won't stay like that but it will look good at the time.

Then I did a few jobs out and about before coming home. I'd got some post when I had got in and it was my assessment for fitness to work at the moment, I found it so hard to fill in because my illness varies from day to day so I couldn't give them a simple yes or no answer. It took my all afternoon to fill it in and by the time that it was done i was so glad. I then spoke to the person that was supposed to be ringing me to sort out my mental health issues to basically be told by her to go away and sort it out myself now I'll be the first to admit this did not put me in the best of moods at all. But I dealt with it and just got on with doing the jobs that I need to do.

I then went to do magic tonight and knew that I had not got a long amout of time. So I quickly sorted his stable out first and then went on to working with him. We went up to the school and did some join up, which he is slowly starting to get the hang of, while some people might not agree with it I think that it's amazing it allows magic to let all his fizz out and then come back to me when he's calm, submissive and ready to do some work. We did not do a lot of work due to the fact that I had not got a lot of time to work with him.  We played all three games again and he picked them up very quickly. We then went for a walk around the school and I thought that I might be pushing my luck but I walked him all the way around the school calmly. When I felt like he was listening to this I then moved on to asking for small amountsize of trot. I didn't intend to push the point of the trot if he wanted to do it then he wanted to do it. If he didn't want to do it then he didn't, but he surprised me and he trotted straight away when I asked him to. We did this twice and then called it a day as I felt that he had done very well with the work that I had asked him to do. For me the most important thing is having a bond with him and that's why I am spending so much time working on the ground with him. I then put him in the stable and took his head collar off he was again very good for this. My mum then put his food in and while he was a little bit pushy he was respectful and listened to what he was told to do. I then once he had got his food in with him played the friendly game with him, my aim of doing this is to teach him that it's okay to be touched or have people around him while he is eating and that he isn't going to have his food taken off him.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day I've got to be up early to do magic and then the farrier is coming out to do all four feet. I am a little bit nervous about this due to the simple fact that he's still not the best with his back feet he'll Let me pick them out twice  a day but you can tell towards the end that he is getting slightly impatient. So only time will tell whay will happen tomorrow. I'm hoping that he'll behave and just do what he's asked to do but I'm sure with magic he's going to surprise me.

So for now I'm off to get some sleep because I've had a long day and I've got another long day coming tomorrow.

So until next time
Amber and Magic


  1. We have so much in common, the ocd thing lol. I eventually got over that because Chrome is a total mudball!

    I hope filling in the health paperwork helps... it's hard to answer questions like that.

    Magic is doing great. All the hard work you are putting in with him now will make such a huge difference when you start him under saddle. :)


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