46. Picture overload

Well this is going to be a very quick picture overload but I decided that today Magic deserved two posts. I went up to check on magic at lunch time and he was great, his hair is really starting to change, he's shedding one coat and it's starting to look really shiny. I gave him lots of love and fuss and of course took like a million pictures. Then when I went up at lunch time we did some join up only very briefly in the school and I then put him back in his stable. When he was in his stable he was like a completely different horse, he was calm relaxed and chilled out. I made sure his stable was all cleaned out and then after that I put him in. I went in to his little tack room to get him his food, and he was completely oblivious I then put his food in his bucket and he didn't even try and come in my personal space. After I had put his food in his bucket, I stood near him and played the friendly game with him. He was completely accepting to this, I then moved around the stable for a bit, I went in to his tack room and sorted out his feed for tomorrow. After that I swept around his stable for him to finally start to get used to him having someone in the stable while he was eating, again he just completely ignored me. I then put his things away, in his tack room, and locked the door. To get out of his stable I then had to go past him and both my mum and Jack expected him to do something while I was walking past him but he did nothing. He just stood there eating his food and completely ignored me, so when I went out and stood on the outside of the door I waited for him to come over to me and then I gave him some treats as I just thought that he deserved some. But now on to the photo over load before I go and get some sleep! 

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Amber And Magic 


  1. Yay!!! This makes me so happy! He definitely loves the new place. I think someone was doing something at the old place. That's too much of a complete turnaround for that to not be the case!

  2. I think your right I definitely think that something was going on while I wasn't there. He's so much happier now that he's not there and that makes me really happy his attitude really is like a different horse


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