47. Day Two

Okay so you lucky people get two posts today, I meant to put my second post yesterday but was unable to do so because things kind of kicked off with people from the old yard last night and I just ended up turning my laptop off and then completely forgetting about it! I know it is such a typical me thing to do.

I went to do his stable this morning and was surprised to find him up and awake however I was not surprised to see the party for one that Magic had, had in his stable last night. I was surprised to see though that the lovely yard owner had put Magic some haylage in this morning as he hadn't got any left. So she had checked on him and seen how he was and given  him something to last him as I was running ever so slightly late. I then got to work on mucking out magic, it didn't take as long as i expected because it would appear that he has decided that he does not want to poo on his straw as gross as that sounds but that he wants to do it on the rubber matting, and that he will wee on his straw, which actually made mucking him out a whole lot easier. I'm being very careful and watching his weight because he has been on hay before and not on haylage so this is just something that I need to monitor and watch. 

Then came to having to school magic which I wasn't expecting to do this morning, he was a little bit more defensive today about his food again but that's fine he's gone through a big adjustment. He was happy to let me put his food in his corner bucket for him. But not so happy that I was in the stable so I just swept around him for a bit and then played the friendly game with him, then moved on to the porcupine game I'll be honest to start with he wasn't to happy about it but I stayed firm with him and was adamant about the fact and he eventually submitted to me and did what I asked it might take me a little while longer but we will get there in the end.

Okay I forgot to post it, blonde moment over here like normal.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic 


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