49. Hospitil Visit and Disciplinary measures.

Well I think my title says it all, today has honestly not been the worlds best days. This morning my mum, Jack and I went to do Magic, I bought him out of his stable and he came out happily. While I was then mucking out his stable (which made my Ribs really hurt but I knew that it needed doing), my mum and jack groomed Magic. Magic was a little bit arsey with jack but I think that was mainly because he could tense that Jack was being ever so slightly wary with him. However everyone got on with doing what they needed doing. His stable was trashed so the majority of his bedding came out, and I put two or three more slices in his bed just to top it up a little bit. I then let him off in the school so that he could get some fizz out but was surprised to see that there wasn't really a lot of fizz coming off him, which I was fine about. I then took him back in his stable and took his head collar off, his food was stood by the tack room door so that once I had got his head collar off I would be able to go and get his feed and put it straight in his bucket. However today I was even stricter with Magic and wouldn't even let him near me, when he tried to get to his bucket, he didn't like it but it was something that he just had to put up with. He had his little bit of a lash out again today but it was no where near as bad as the lashout that he had done Tuesday night when I got kicked. I made sure that every time he tried to buck or kick out he'd get reprimanded or disciplined with the carrot stick so that he would realise that this behaviour was just not suitable. 

Then this afternoon I went to A&E because I had just got to the point where I was in agony with my ribs and stomach. I got rushed in by ambulance and was on gas and air for over an hour. They then took it off me after accusing me of being a 'drug addict' which caused me to lose my temper, once I had calmed down they put a canular in and gave me IV paracetamol (which did not effect the pain). I then was given oral morphine to get the pain under control, and ordered to have a chest x-ray. It took forever for them to do it but they said that my x-ray had come back clear, so they think that I had just done lots of soft tissue and ligament damage. The doctor then took my canular out and I was part way to walking to the car when I felt a dripping on my hand. Ever since the canular had been put in I had complained that it did not feel normal and it was hurting more than normal, it was extremely painful to take out as well. I looked down at my hand and the cotton wool that they had used to cover up where the canular had been was just pouring with blood. I went back inside and got it plastered batter, so that if it was to start pouring with blood again I had got a bit of extra padding. It was extremely painful and it still it. 

While I was at the hospital my mum sorted magic out for the night, however she fed him differently to me. Due to the pain and damage in her shoulder she put the food in first while Magic was tied up outside. She then bought magic in and got him to take his head collar off nicely and then carried on the same procedure that I had started this morning. Once magic was used to being touched with the parelli stick she then stroked his neck and went to stand outside his stable. Here she did what  I did and waited for him to come and see her before giving him a fuss and leaving. At the moment it is a battle of wills between Magic and I but I am sure it is a battle that I will win. He's an amazing horse in so many ways he just needs to be a little bit more amazing about being feed but slowly but surely we will get there. 

But for now I'm off to watch a prison documentary with my boy as I am absolutely knackered. 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic 


  1. Jeez that hospital visit sounds traumatic!! I hope your stomach and ribs are better by now. :(

    You are doing everything right with Magic. He will get there!

  2. Magic is doing loads better now :) we still have our moments where we don't agree on something but I would definitely say he's happier these days :)


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