52. A long stressful but rewarding day.

I didn't do Magic this morning, as I will openly admit that I went way over the top yesterday with how much I did so this morning I woke up in agony, and really uncomfortable. So i asked mum if she minded and she said no, so a big thank you to my mum. Then at about 10.30 I got a lovely text off Lynn asking when I was next going to be up at the yard and what I was doing and would Magic like to go out so. Of course I jumped at the chance to do this but I was also a little bit apprehensive about the situation. Mainly because I had researched in to it and had seen what could go wrong and I'd spoken to Fiona about what I could be but all the horses really did manage to surprise me. Magic was a little bit nervous but for the past three or four days, he's been in-between Stan and Murphy's Law (Murph) who are basically the two ring leaders. When I got there I was surprised to see the others out in the field but Murph was still stood up at the top almost like he was waiting for Magic. so Lynn came down and said that this was the plan and told me exactly what to do instead of using a lead rope when I took Magic in I used a bit of bailing twine so that if he did run off he'd got nothing that could get caught around his legs, and I'll be honest it was fascinating to watch how herd dynamics worked. At one point Magic jumped out of the field and in to the school, so all I did was walk him back out of the school and put him back in the field. Today they all decided to stay up the top of the field just while Magic got used to them but I think that in time they will get more active and just more like a 'normal herd'. 
Hiding behind Murph, this horse has really taken Magic under his wing. He protects him and lets Magic learn but lets him to do it safely. He's a horse that I've taken a great liking to and really respect :) 
Unfortunately in the afternoon my Dad got rushed in to hospital because of a suspected heart attack, I had to make the 999 call and it was horrible to do, they ask so many questions and half of them I didn't want to know how to answer them. With in two minutes of me being off the phone with 999, the ambulance was outside my house and they were rushing my dad in to hospital. I went with him and my mum and Jack followed in the car, as they know that I tend to get a little bit stressed when someone that I care about goes in to hospital. He's still there at the moment but I then got to go back and feed my pony face. Lynn was amazing and bought Magic in and said that he was really good for her and that there was no problems so I was happy with that. 
My boy just chilling by the gate with the others, Murph and Stan were protecting him and keeping him safe, while he looks slightly confused, I think he enjoyed the time out and in no time I'm sure he'll be part of the group. 
Then tonight I took him out the stable and my mum spent some time brushing him, to be honest I think that she uses horse therapy just as much as I use horse therapy. While she was doing this I did Magic's stable and had a little bit of a sweep around the yard as I'm just quite fussy, you all know what I am like. After this I bought Magic back down to his stable to see what he was like and how happy he was. He seemed okay to start with so I then went and Jack got his food, I made him back up with the porcupine game before I even put his food in then put his food in the tyre and like normal Magic picked the bucket up and through it everywhere. He then had an escape moment where he decided to run through the door but then stood still for me to catch him. He's been doing lots of work on the parelli and I really am proud of how much he is coming on. He's really starting to come out of his shell and now that I'm not in a situation that I was in I feel like we are starting to get somewhere. We have still got SOO much to learn, and I can almost guarantee it'll be a bumpy road, but there will be fights, tears, happiness, madness, calmness, but most of all we will be building a bond and that means that there will be team work which is all that matters! He's not everyone's ideal horse but he IS my dream horse, tomorrow he will be going out again and I think that the going out will do him the world of go. Such a happy pony. 
Not a great quality photograph but my boy in a 'full' size head collar, yes you really are reading that right, it's got all the holes on the tightest and it is still a little bit big for him but couldn't believe it when I put this on him, I'm sure he'll love it when he is older. 
And simply for the fact that I love this pony, we have come such a long way in only a week. This was the day before we moved and above and over the past few days you can see all of the achievements that we have made. we may not be perfect, but we have fun and we enjoy ourselves. Horses are meant to be enjoyment and happiness and that is exactly what my boy is to me :) 

P.S. Later on there will be a video posted that my boyfriend INSISTED on recording, he decided to show you all around the stable and catch a few funny moments on video, don't ask me what he's thinking because I really do have no idea! 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic 


  1. I look forward to the video hehe!

    I'm so sorry about your dad. Is he okay????

    I'm glad Magic is doing so well out in the herd. That is the best thing for him. He will learn to respect other horses and that will translate to the things he does with you too. :)

  2. My dad is doing better these days he is still not one hundred percent but neither am i but i am sure over time we will all get there :)


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