141. Midnight Magic is now one and VIDEOS.

Well those of you that know me and have got me on Facebook will have seen that on the 19th May Magic turned one and he got a birthday present, well it was a present for me but it meant work for him. He also got two small likits for his swinging ball as I'm finding these really hard to be able to find and buy at the moment. Apparently there is a problem with manufacturing at the moment. I bought Magic a 5inch happy mouth snaffle bit with a lozenge in the middle. I then decided that his birthday would be the start of his training, so I went up to the stable bought him in and gave him a really good brush. After this I decided to put his bit in for the first time, I connected two pieces of bailing twine to the bit and put it in. I made sure to stand at his left shoulder and put it on as if I was putting a bridle on him. I then connected the bailing twine to one of the metal loops on his head collar to hold it in place using a bow. I kept it in for a few minutes and then took it out again. 
Happy chilled out boy.
The next day I gave Magic a day off, I bought all the horses in for Lynn as she was not feeling very well. So after doing this I just fed Magic and gave him a good brush. I then gave him his food and cuddles before leaving him to it for the day and then Lynn put him out later on. 
walking around with the bit in to get used to it.
Yesterday we tried again with the bit. We followed exactly the same process and this time Magic just stood there. He didn't overly chew and stood happy and relaxed so the next thing that I did was walk him around while he had the bit in his mouth (I've got a video of this). I didn't connect the lead rope to the bit and instead chose to keep it connected to his head collar. I then tied him back up again and chose to hold his feed bucket near to him and let him eat while he had the bit in his mouth. It took him a while to figure out what to do but once he had got it figured out he was fine. I then took the bit out and put the rest of his feed in his stable. 

Magic chilling quietly and happily with his bit in his mouth.
This morning I went up to see Magic and decided to do something different, I bought him in from the field and gave him a  really good brush as you could tell that he had been rolling and he was completely and utterly ditched. I then put his hi viz rug on and Jack and I walked him to the pub while jack walked Casper. We then stopped to have a drink, before turning around and walking back. On the way back we saw the ice cream van so we stopped and had an ice cream. Magic was really good on the road. He got slightly freaked out by the cars but once he got used to them it was fine and in the end he walked nicely and calmly even trotting on when asked to. He was really good until we got back when he decided to get arsey and wanted to rush to do anything to get his food. So i popped him back in his stable and left it at that for the day. 
First time ever having a bit in his mouth, and his first birthday! 
If anyone has got any suggestions on things to start doing with Magic now that he has turned one then please do let me know. Also if you have any ideas of how to improve my bitting progress then please feel free to comment. Oh also see below my video of the second time Magic had a bit in his mouth. I have also created a new youtube channel where I will keep all the records of work done with Magic, this will only have Magic on it, as I still have my other youtube channel that has all my riding videos.

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 


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