205 bones in the body, and some fab lunge work

So Magic is doing really well. About two weeks ago we had stumbled across an issue while lunging him, he seemed to lunge perfectly going clockwise (right lead) but seemed to struggle going anti-clockwise (left lead). I came up with the idea that maybe it would be easier to try and lunge him on his bad rein first so that he would see going on his good rein as a kind of reward as he seems to generally enjoy going that way, and so far it is safe to say that it has worked a treat! We are definitely two good lunge sessions at walk and trot in both directions. It might even be 3 or 4 sessions that we have had but I am not sure.

I've also been doing bits of riding for Lynn at the moment, I rode Sonny once. I've rode Derry a few times who I do love, but she is a bit more wooden and stiff. She is still a lovely ride though and at the end of each of our rides we tend to go for a wonder down the road and back again. For the first time on Tuesday I got to ride Faze and I love her! She is GREAT! She's an older dressage horse that is going partially blind. She was quite stubborn but the more that I kept at her the nicer bits of work we got to do, I learn that the key is to keep at her and not let her win.

Next week I have a plan for the work that we are going to do and I hope that we are going to be able to do some more riding as well before we go away to Devon on the 28th. I had my BHS on Monday night and we looked in to the skeletal structure and trying to remember all the bones I have remember that there are 205 bones it goes the atlis, axis, 5 cervical verterbrae, scapula, 18 therasic verterbrea, 6 lumber verterbrea, 5 sacral verterbrea and the cocklogel which has 15 to 22 bones in it and I'm trying to get this stuck in to my head as I have a week and a half to the exams.

I then learnt that the front leg contains the scapula, humerus, radius and ulna, carpel bones, canon bone, sesamoid bones in to the long pastern, short pastern, pedal bone and navicular bone. Then the hind leg consists of the Pelvis, femur, petala (knee cap) tibia and fibia and then my brain hits a black what it is before it goes in to the canon bone, splint bone, long pastern, short pastern, pedal bone, navicular bone.

On that note know that I have completely boggled my mind I am off to get some sleep and relax and watch the soaps before binge watching pretty little liars (for the second time).

Until Next Time
Amber Rose, Magic, Casper and Diesel


  1. Oh goodness you have to memorize ALL of the bones???? I could never do that. I am horrible at memorizing things, especially numbers and dates and now I'm thinking maybe bones as well haha.

    I'm glad you figured out a simple solution for Magic. Sometimes you just have to mix it up. :) Grab all of the extra rides you can. It will only help you when it's time to hop on Magic. I SO wish I'd had opportunities to ride other trained horses while waiting on Chrome to grow.

  2. Yeah you have to remember the majority of them but won't get asked all of them but you don't know which ones they will ask you! Talk about confusing my brain!

    Thank you, sometimes you have to look outside the box and look at the simple and straight forward answers and today it seemed to work! I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to work different horses!

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