an intense few days.

The past few days have been INTENSE to say the least. Both days have been filled with horsey madness and while I am aching now I feel good for managing to accomplish everything that I have done. There will be some video's soon but I honestly just haven't got around to uploading them and editing them so as soon as I do that I'll let you know and you can all see.

Yesterday I went up to do Magic, after all the ponies nearly escaped from the field I eventually managed to convince him to come and do some work. He had a really nice groom and fuss, which he LOVED. Then I put his bridle with his new reins on, and his lunge cavesson (not sure if I have spelt that right), we lunged nicely for both ways doing walk, trot and canter. Then out of no where going to the right he exploded. I couldn't see anything that had happened so assumed he was just having one of his moments and that he would be fine and calm down, but that I might need to free school him first. So I did what I always do and took all his tack off and when he still wasn't settling down I knew that something wasn't quite right. When he eventually let me close enough to look at his chest I saw that he had actually cut himself at some point, it looked painful and serious, so my mind went in to a panick and then I calmed down and spoke to Fiona who told me what to do. We cleaned the wound, put some aliminuim wound spray on to it and then some Dermisol to help it start to heal. I sat in the stable with him for about 30 minutes and when I realised that he had calmed down enough to get on with going out in the field. So I popped him back out in the field.

I then had a chilled out evening and a good nights sleep with the plan to go up to the stables this morning early on and lunge sparky for lynn possibly lunge magic and maybe ride Derry, but when I got there none of the horses came in so I decided to go home and chill out for a little bit and just play on my playstation. Eventually at about 3pm all the horses came in so I rang my mum up and she took me up to ride Derry. I had already decided that I wasn't going to lunge Magic because he looked tired today and I wanted to give his wound time to properly heal so that I wasn't doing to much and damaging him more.

Once I woke Derry up I had a really nice ride on her, she was stubborn (but then what mare isn't), she worked briefly in an outline, she was arsey, but she was nice. I always feel like I learn something new and it's safe to say that the pair of us were tired after our ride. After we had done 20 minutes schooling we then went for a ten minute walk down the road with mum walking with us as a way to cool down and we got back just in time for her and magic to have treats and then them all to be turned out.

I then had BHS tonight where we worked on Lunging and learning to lunge with side reins on as this is something that we will need to do in the exam (which is just under a month away). We had a play with Pumpkin and I learnt lots of new bits that I didn't actually knew. I asked if I should postpone my test as I know that Lucy is thinking about doing hers later and Fiona told me not to so three weeks and counting and then it will be test time.

I am now off to watch Teen Mom 2, before heading to bed.

Until Tomorrow
Amber Rose


  1. I'm so behind. What test are you taking?

    Poor Magic! I'm glad it's not serious and that you were able to figure out what had him worried. I hope the cut heals up quickly.

  2. I am taking my BHS exams at the moment, I did my stage one before Christmas, to become a qualified groom, with the plan to eventually take the other sections and become a riding instructor. I am currently doing the training for my stage 2 care.

    I know so glad that magic was okay! he is a good boy, it's just knowing him to know what's wrong!

  3. That's exciting!! I do think I remember you mentioning that before. Sorry I forgot. It will take me a bit to remember everything after such a long time away. I'm excited for you!!

  4. thank you, I'm the same and it's understandable that it will take a while to remember all the bits! x

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