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Things are going well with Magic, in fact with all the horses at the yard, as you all know I managed to Lunge Magic and Ride Derry on Wednesday, Thursday Magic got to do a little bit of work, then I lunged Sparky, and then hopped on Sonny for a little bit, before Friday Magic got lunged in the field to do something different.

Over the weekend the horses had the time off, this is the time when Jack's off work so we tend to do things and then I focus on Magic while Jack is at work, we also didn't have a car this weekend.

Today kick started the week off on the right foot. I had a lie in this morning when I got back from collecting a parcel and taking Jack to work, then mum came over and we tidied my Garden up before heading over to the yard. When I got there I lunged Magic for a while, we focused on staying in walk and trot and lunging for 7 minutes in each direction with no side reins. We started off going the direction that he isn't the worlds biggest fan of, because other wise I struggle to get him going that way, and he want off perfectly, he was hoof perfect in both directions in walk and trot.

I then rode Derry, who was being a bit of a mare to say the less, the term moody Mare couldn't be more real. We did some work in the school focusing mainly on walk and trot, and making sure my hips stayed open so that she could drop in to an outline nicely, we didn't get much out line work but she did drop in to it every now and then. We then walked out with Shane. Shane came along for the walk out with me as I am still not comfortable riding out on the road on my own yet, we walked out for about 20 minutes, in just walk, to cool down. She went further out than we had managed on Friday and she was generally very good, there was no shouting today. No rushing today. Just a nice calm walk out.

Tomorrow I am off to do some work with Magic. I think that we will do some work on getting on him tomorrow and walking being led on the bit using his reins, as this is something that we haven't really done yet. Next week my riding teacher will be coming out to give me a lesson with Magic as well.


after being so active today I'm feeling quite tired so I'm off to catch some sleep before another busy and productive day tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow,

Amber Rose


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