When the weather is too hot so you just call it quits!

Well things are quite on the horse front, as normal the horses had the weekend off meaning that I also got to have the weekend off. Then today I was planning doing more work with Magic, I was going to lunge him with his saddle on again however when I woke up it was TOO HOT!

The weather was registering at between 26 and 30 degrees, now I'm a human and I don't have a fur coat and I was struggling to even walk around. So I decided that the weather conditions were to hot for him and something that he couldn't deal with. So he has had the day off in his stable. Tomorrow I'll probably do a bit of walking with him and maybe give him a bath but it will all depend on what the weather is doing!

Until Next Time
Amber Rose, Magic, Casper and Diesel


  1. What are normal temps in your area? Do you have a lot of humidity? I had to look up the Celsius conversion, but that is considered a cool day in my area during the summer. It rarely gets below 26C for about four months in the summer even at night here!! It was 40C yesterday. It's always been so interesting to me how different temps are and how people get used to them. For example if it ever got down to -20 here (almost never happens) I would freeze to death! In fact I shiver if it gets below 15C. Isn't that crazy??? I'm glad you took the day off for both of you since you're not used to the heat. I hope it cools down soon so you can get back to riding and working with Magic.

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