First day back at sixthform.

Hey Everybody!

I'll start off by letting you all know that my nan is still in hospital, we were originally told the earliest that she would come home would be Wednesday (tomorrow) however this might not happen because she still hasn't had the Echo-cardiograph that she was supposed to have had two days ago! I haven't been to visit her since Sunday but both my mum and uncle have seen her every day since then. I think that she is feeling a bit better but am not entirely sure, fingers crossed she will be home soon though! Nan's even said 'I was supposed to go home last weekend, now it's next weekend. How many more weekends will they add in'. I do feel really sorry for her as she hates hospitals and was told that it would only be the weekend and obviously things are getting changed.

Today was my first day back in school since before half term it was a full day and I had all of my subjects, in English we have just started a new book called 'White Devil', it seems quite complicated so far and like a lot is going on but it also seems really interesting so I look forward to getting in to it as I love reading. I then had double art and we got told we could use whatever resources we wanted and the only conditions were it had to be A1 or A2 size and to an extremely high quality. So I started doing a really detailed A2 pencil drawing of a Manga face, I plan to do a series of these looking at different expressions, I didn't finish this so tomorrow I am going to continue it and try and finish it. I will post a picture of it when it is completed. I then had a lunch and free and decided I'd go in to textiles I did an hour working on my Driving theory test as it was lunch time and then in my free and textiles lesson I did some more on my folder for my textiles course work, tomorrow I have to take in all my practical work for her to look at so she knows what I have done and can stop worrying. 

This evening my mum hovered my room up for me as I hate hovering and my dad had dropped an M&M on the floor and when I came in to night there were ants all over my floor, so while mum was hovering I started putting things away and hanging clothes up that I tend to just leave out so my room does look a lot better now and hopefully the ants will sod off. Normally my mum sprays round the edge of my room with ant killer to stop them even trying to come in but because it's so early to be getting Ants there is no indoor ant killer in any of the shops at the minute which was really annoying. I've then just been watching T.V. and did a bit more drawing work and then moved on to reading a book about a witch and vampire love, that have travelled back in time to escape the hell that they are going through in the future it's really interesting and I would recommend it to all people but definitely people that liked the twilight books like me! 

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  1. ants are never good in ones room!! lol

  2. I had a recent ant attack too. I hate those buggers. I guess they are out early on both continents.


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