44. Exhausted

And the hard bit isn't even done yet! Today has been a hectic day, I had to cancel my lesson on Gatsby which I was gutted about because I had just got so much to do for moving Magic tomorrow at 7am! I am going to be exhausted and think that my poor boy will be asleep at that time to but I do love him. 

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was get my mum and jack to make the 40 minute drive to Cannock to a riding shop, where I got him loads of hi-viz, I might have gone a bit over the top but with where I live it's mainly country roads and the roads are narrow, and I'm just not risking someone not seeing him. 

We then went up to the old yard, and gave magic some fuss, I think that he knows something is going on but I gave him a really good groom and made sure that he was okay and happy and then tried his hi-viz exercise sheet on, with his hi-viz leg boots. I don't think that he was very happy with it but I left it on him while he wondered around in his stable, while I packed away all his stuff. Jack took all the electric fencing down, while mum and I started putting the small things in the car. Then Jack lifted the heavy things in to the car and two of his filled haynets that I had got left. 

We then drove the route that magic, jack and I are going to be walking tomorrow, which is quite hilly but none of the hills are too steep. It's just under three miles, when we got to the new yard, I unloaded all of magic's stuff in to his tack room (which only i have a key too), yes your reading that right he has got his own personal tack room, put him a bed down ready for the morning and a hay net up. I got all his things in the place that I wanted them and was happy with and then realised that I hadn't got a corner feeding bucket for Magic, so Jack my mum and I rushed around to get hold of one. We've got one and Lynn's husband has said he will put it up for me tomorrow. I'm expecting him to be exhausted by the end of tomorrow but i KNOW that it is the best move that can be made for him.

But for now I need to rest as I've got a long ass walk tomorrow and I am so NOT prepared for it, I have no idea what's to come all I know is that I have a huge amount of confidence in my little man. so here's some pictures of his new place and of the cute fella himself.

I love this photograph of Magic and I, for once he's got his ears forwards although do you guys think he's hi viz'd enough lol! want to make sure that he was seen, i know overly cautious but best to be safe than sorry. 

I have my own tack and feed room, this is one side of it.

This is the other side of it.

And this is magic's stable I think that he's going to look so small in it but I think that it will be okay, I'm not sure where I'm going to put his corner feed yet. That door is the door in to my tack room bit so it's all very personal and I Really like that. 

Until Next Time
Amber And Magic 


  1. I hope he likes the new place!

  2. He loves the new place he is so much happier, and i feel so much happier, i'm stress free again and so is he :) he's amazing :D

  3. I LOVE the new place!! Your own locking tack room! His stall is so much bigger than the last place. The last place looked kind of small to be, but I figured it might just be the angle of the pictures. I love the picture of him in his hi-vis rug. It looks so awesome on him!!

  4. He ain't the world's biggest fan of his hi viz rug. His stable is definitely much bigger and he seems to be really preferring it,i love my tack room finally feel like my a stuff is safe :)


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