Advice please

Sunday, 29 May 2016
Okay guys so I'm looking for advice over a couple of things. Magic is now just over one, when he turned one I used some bailing twine as advised by my yard owner to measure how big a bit Magic would need and it came back as a 5 inch happy mouth snaffle, I got the one with a lozenge in. However today when I went to put it in he let me put it in fine and then kept putting it under his tongue, but every time I went to look in his mouth he'd put his tongue back again. Can anyone give me any advice on whether this is just part of his learning process or whether this is because it's too big or something like this? Or is it just that I am not managing to get the bit high enough? 
See my boy has such a stunning coat, and is looking good, just looking slightly thin at the moment in time. 
Also another thing is Magic has one large feed a day (the amount is still with in the guidelines and restrictions though), and he comes in for an hour or so and will eat one large hay net in this same time. He is then turned out the rest of the time and has three or four fields that he can go in and they have plenty of grass in. I hadn't noticed his weight loss until today so was wondering whether you guys think that he's just having a growth spurt or if it could be something different. I will post pictures with this post. Feel free to comment even if it is criticism as I do love learning from you guys. 
Such bright eyes and wide awake, love my pretty little man.

Other than this Magic and Casper are both doing well, Casper is also struggling with his weight but I have been told that this is due to the fact that he has not been castrated yet, and that if he was to be he could put extra weight on. He's doing really well and he's coming on loads, he's stopped being an over excited puppy and is starting to really listen although of course he still has his mad moments twice away. But like right now he's curled up on my feet chilling out. He's such a loyal dog, he's also doing really well with Magic. Magic is also looking really good other than his weight loss, he's got a really shiny coat and the majority of his baby coat has gone leaving him with a lovely summer coat, he's got really nice bright eyes and an AMAZING mane. I really do love both my fur babies. Both animals are happy which also makes me really happy. 

Sleepy boy after he has had his feed. He really is starting to mature nicely and making me really proud of everything that he does. 
A photo especially for Achieve1Dream, my boys pretty mane :) 

Until Next Time 
Amber Magic and Casper

141. Midnight Magic is now one and VIDEOS.

Sunday, 22 May 2016
Well those of you that know me and have got me on Facebook will have seen that on the 19th May Magic turned one and he got a birthday present, well it was a present for me but it meant work for him. He also got two small likits for his swinging ball as I'm finding these really hard to be able to find and buy at the moment. Apparently there is a problem with manufacturing at the moment. I bought Magic a 5inch happy mouth snaffle bit with a lozenge in the middle. I then decided that his birthday would be the start of his training, so I went up to the stable bought him in and gave him a really good brush. After this I decided to put his bit in for the first time, I connected two pieces of bailing twine to the bit and put it in. I made sure to stand at his left shoulder and put it on as if I was putting a bridle on him. I then connected the bailing twine to one of the metal loops on his head collar to hold it in place using a bow. I kept it in for a few minutes and then took it out again. 
Happy chilled out boy.
The next day I gave Magic a day off, I bought all the horses in for Lynn as she was not feeling very well. So after doing this I just fed Magic and gave him a good brush. I then gave him his food and cuddles before leaving him to it for the day and then Lynn put him out later on. 
walking around with the bit in to get used to it.
Yesterday we tried again with the bit. We followed exactly the same process and this time Magic just stood there. He didn't overly chew and stood happy and relaxed so the next thing that I did was walk him around while he had the bit in his mouth (I've got a video of this). I didn't connect the lead rope to the bit and instead chose to keep it connected to his head collar. I then tied him back up again and chose to hold his feed bucket near to him and let him eat while he had the bit in his mouth. It took him a while to figure out what to do but once he had got it figured out he was fine. I then took the bit out and put the rest of his feed in his stable. 

Magic chilling quietly and happily with his bit in his mouth.
This morning I went up to see Magic and decided to do something different, I bought him in from the field and gave him a  really good brush as you could tell that he had been rolling and he was completely and utterly ditched. I then put his hi viz rug on and Jack and I walked him to the pub while jack walked Casper. We then stopped to have a drink, before turning around and walking back. On the way back we saw the ice cream van so we stopped and had an ice cream. Magic was really good on the road. He got slightly freaked out by the cars but once he got used to them it was fine and in the end he walked nicely and calmly even trotting on when asked to. He was really good until we got back when he decided to get arsey and wanted to rush to do anything to get his food. So i popped him back in his stable and left it at that for the day. 
First time ever having a bit in his mouth, and his first birthday! 
If anyone has got any suggestions on things to start doing with Magic now that he has turned one then please do let me know. Also if you have any ideas of how to improve my bitting progress then please feel free to comment. Oh also see below my video of the second time Magic had a bit in his mouth. I have also created a new youtube channel where I will keep all the records of work done with Magic, this will only have Magic on it, as I still have my other youtube channel that has all my riding videos.

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 

134. The joys of being ill.

Sunday, 15 May 2016
Well it was bad enough when it was just me that had got this horrible bug that goes around, it causes sneezing, coughing and an extremely painful throat, but now Jack has got it as well. So for the weekend when it has decided to be really warm we've both been in the flat feeling rubbish, however we managed a few hours in the sun yesterday to do Magic. Then in the evening we took Casper for a walk and then today we managed to do exactly the same. 

Magic is coming on really well, he's grown loads and in four days he will be one year old, and it still amazes me as to how quickly the time flies. I plan on getting him a bit and a few other things but unfortunately that is going to have to wait until I have sorted out my financial situation fully. He's finally nearly fully got rid of his dreadlocks look to, he's just got the last few long hairs on his belly to go and then he is going to look like a smart clean horse. As much as I love having a baby horse I can't wait until he's clean all the time, I don't know why but I just love it when he looks all clean and shiny. He's going to be a really stunning horse when he gets older. 

Casper is also doing really well, he's finally starting to calm down, although he still has his mad moments but at 16 months old I don't really blame him I think that I would do to. Like last night for example, Jack and I had finally got in to bed and were both just about to fall asleep and out of no where Casper had a completely insane 10 minutes then after that he jumped up on to the sofa and fell asleep! I have no idea what it was all about but it was funny to watch. 

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring other than I know that it will include Magic, Casper, going to the doctors and probably a chilled out afternoon on the playstation. I can never guarentee what is going to happen during the day but I do know that the majority of time I have fun. 

So for now I'm off to bully Jack while he's on the playstation before I do some food, and hope that this weather COOLS down.

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic and Casper 

131. Who Am I?

Thursday, 12 May 2016
Recently I've been seeing lots of things on facebook about what makes a person who they are, with it coming to the end of the university year lots of people that I want to school with are ending that mile stone. I see lots of comments about this is the end of their journey making them who they are but I completely disagree with this because I don't think that the journey to being you will ever end. As the majority of you will know I have suffered with long term illness and health problems since I was the age of 11, you will also know that I was studying commercial photography at university. However at the end of last year I had to make an extremely tough decision due to my ill health and personal stress problems I made the choice to 'quit' university. Now for a while this made me feel like a complete and utter failure. I've never been good at making my mind up but I don't normally give in, so for ages to myself I was just a fail. Which wound me up and drove me to breaking point, I was losing my head with everyone and everything but there in the middle of all this was my family, Jack and most of all Magic. He was the one thing that never changed and the one thing that made me, well me. He was always happy to see me, a shoulder to cry on, a cuddle on a bad day, a laugh when I needed cheering he was just Magic. So in answer to my question I'm Amber, proud owner of Magic, daughter, girlfriend, loyal friend, I'm just ME. I might know or have a plan for what I'm doing in life but slowly but surely I will get there. I might not really know what I want to do in the future but if this journey that we were on ended now I think that would be really boring because I can be whoever I want to be. 
Excuse my face, but cute moment going on between Magic and I think (but don't hold me to it) Sparky and Phase) 
But now on to what I have been up to. Today has been a relatively quiet day, after having to be up at 7am yesterday morning and then dealing with a bad patch of pain last night, I ended up sleeping in this morning. I then went to see Magic and the weather was lovely it was red hot and sunny. Magic was chilling by the gate waiting for me to bring him in and give him some love, so again I took him in to the cross country field and we did some random bits of walking and trotting. I then took him back up on to the yard and gave him a good old brush, which he seemed to really enjoy. 
Magic yesterday hiding in the middle of the herd, like I said the UK's weather is nearly always rain, the top photograph was today and this one yesterday and it's completely different. 

After I'd done this Jack and I went to meet Connor and Leona and we all just spent a few hours chatting a way and lying on the park in the sun. It was nice weather and nice company, in the UK it's not very often that you get really hot sunny days, so for me any chance to chill in the sun is a chance that I will take. Eventually it was time for Connor and Leona to go to work, so Jack and I headed back to the flat, where we curled up on the sofa and caught up with the soaps before I drifted off in to a peaceful sleep with casper by my head and Jack chilled out on the playstation. Now here I am writing this post, so on that note I'm going to leave you all to it. 
With a crazy owner you have to have a crazy horse and my boy certainly is that. Magic and I pulling faces, phase even joined in with the face pulling and sparky well isn't he just adorable being the 'normal one'. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic  

130. Almost one and our five year plan!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016
Well I can't believe in nine days my not so little Midnight Magic will almost be one, and boy what a sweet heart he really is. This time last year I was planning on saving up, getting an older horse and having something that I could ride every day. Then came magic's baby picture, I'd read the night before about a baby that had been born out of a black mare and lippy and just from that description I knew that he was going to be the boy that I wanted. I went to see him at less than 24 hours old and I have never looked back since. There has been blood, sweat and tears, moments that I wanted to scream and give in and then days like today where I look at the bond that we have and think every single second of it was worth it. 

Now nine days away from him being one I'm planning on buying him his first bit, I want to get him an apple flavoured snaffle with a lozenge happy mouth bit. I don't see the point in getting something more complicated when at the end of the day that is what I plan on riding him in. I have no real plans for Magic, I am always going to be a dressage Diva at hear, and Magic might not be the perfect 'typical' dressage horse but I tell you what we're going to have doing whatever we decided to do, whether it's country, hacking out, pleasure rides, it doesn't matter what we do because we'll always have that bond and he will always be my baby Magic. 

So here's a rough outline of mine and Magic's plan. 

  • When he turns one - Start getting him used to having a bit in, I will start by using it with baling twine and a head collar before eventually moving him on to getting his own bridle.
  • When he turns two I'll start doing small bits of lunging, and possibly ground driving. I will also possibly start free schooling him at this point. 
  • When he turns three - Here he will start having much more road work done, walking out, lunging and if I can find another sensible horse to do it with I might pony him (not sure if everyone will know what this mean but ride one horse while leading him out).
  • Between four and five - This is where the hard work will begin, at this point he will start to be produced and bought on. I could start doing this when he was three but because of the size that magic is due to be I don't want to rush him in to anything. 
During this whole time I will continue doing lots of bits of ground work with him, hopefully take him out to a few shows every now and then. We'll do the parelli work that Magic loves and we will do lots of Monty Roberts work, now while this might not be the kind of thing that most people would chose to do for me I think it's going to be great fun, and I can't wait for magic's and mines bond to keep growing. 

But for now I'm off to bed. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 

127. Horse filled day.

Saturday, 7 May 2016
Today has been a really good day, even if I did wake up feeling like death warmed up. Unfortunately it feels like I have got tonsilitis again, it's the start of a new year and the start of a count down until I can get my tonsils taken out, but knowing my luck I won't have it enough times in a year. 

But anyway I rode a new horse this morning, I'm sure in my posts somewhere I will have mentioned Stan Kelly's horse, well today I got to ride him. He's 17.2hh I think and 15 years old. He is lovely to ride. He is slightly similar to ride to Gatsby but in other ways he is completely different. He's a lot easier to get in to an outline than I expected, once you really sit in to his saddle, and sit in to him he drops down. The key to riding him was not to use a lot of hand although to make sure that I got him off the right rein as he likes to grab it and try and hold on to it. When i first started riding him I didn't think that he was going to be that easy, but the more that I rode him the easier it was to get used to him. We only did walk and trot walk, but we did lots of work on serpentines and circles, getting him to become more supple and have more confidence in himself. By the time I got off him I was completely and utterly exhausted it but all the aching was definitely worth it. 

When I'd finished riding him it was time to go home and get casper and then go see my very own fur baby. Magic is now on night time turn out, so he's only in for a couple of hours during the day. So I took the opportunity to go and do some work with him, today we worked on walking and trotting in hand and doing small amounts of bandaging. Well that's what I said until I bandaged all four of his legs. He was really good and only complained once on his back leg so I was really proud of him. I then gave him a really big brush all over and after that I wormed him! I can't say that he was particularly the worlds biggest fan of having it done but I think that it worked out okay in the end. 

But for now i'm off to curl up with the Mr and the pup, and hope i'll feel better tomorrow. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic